noul normal, în lume

efecte și implicații ale crizei COVID-19 în lume – cu actualizare continuă

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The Day After: Navigating a Post-Pandemic World – Carnegie Endowment, 10.20
Navigating the post-pandemic international landscape will pose an enormous challenge for decisionmakers in boardrooms and situation rooms alike. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has convened its global network of more than 150 scholars from twenty countries and six global centers to produce “The Day After: Navigating a Post-Pandemic World”—a digital magazine that provides grounded, fresh analysis and new approaches to some of the most consequential challenges unfolding before us.

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POLITICO journalists asked dozens of experts and policymakers what they believe the epidemic will — or, in their view, should — change.

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How – Politico, 03.20
A crisis on this scale can reorder society in dramatic ways, for better or worse. Here are 34 big thinkers’ predictions for what’s to come.


Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us – The Atlantic, 29.12
As vaccines roll out, the U.S. will face a choice about what to learn and what to forget.

Six Aspects of Daily Life Rapidly Changed by COVID-19 – CH, 30.11.20
The pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, and sped up pre-existing trends in how people consume, work and travel – but will these dramatic shifts last?

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