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It’s not all doom and gloom: 8 experts on their reasons to be optimistic in 2024 – WEF, 12.01.24

Is 2024 going to be the first full year to breach 1.5C of warming?Kate Ravilious, The Guardian, 4.01.24

The World Ahead 2024: five stories to watch out for – The Economist, 28.12.23

  • What are the stories set to shape 2024? From the biggest election year in history, to how to control AI and even taxis that fly, The Economist offers its annual look at the world ahead.

The world ahead 2024 – The Economist, 11.23

Global Foresight 2024. What the world could look like in ten years, according to nearly 300 expertsMary Kate Aylward, Peter Engelke, Uri Friedman, and Paul Kielstra, Atlantic Council, 12.01.24

2024 Global Forecast Report – Visual Capitalist, 10.01.24
Our editorial team scoured through 700+ expert predictions about what will happen this year, and distilled them into a comprehensive report.

Reuters Breakingviews: Predictions for 2024

PS Commentators’ Predictions for 2024 – Project Syndicate, 29.12.23
Among the big issues and trends that will dominate attention in the year ahead are threats to democracy, major wars, and looming economic risks. If there is any cause for hope, it will lie in promising innovations and the possibility that the center may yet hold in the face of increasingly destructive political movements.


Global predictions for 2024: Optimism is on the rise as more think next year will be better – IPSOS, 18.12.23

Prospects for Children in 2024: Cooperation in a Fragmented World – UNICEF, 15.01.24


2024 Edelman Trust Barometer – 01.24

  • Richard Edelman , CEO, Edelman, presented this year’s findings, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Gillian Tett , Provost, King’s College, Cambridge & Columnist and Editorial Board Member, Financial Times; with Srikant Datar , George F. Baker Professor of Administration, Dean of The Faculty, Harvard Business School; Doug Peterson , CEO, S&P Global; Thomas Siebel , Chairman & CEO, C3 AI; and Helle Thorning-Schmidt , Former Prime Minister of Denmark.
  • The global launch event for the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer took place during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
  • Barometrul de Încredere Edelman 2024: “Inovarea a devenit un nou factor de risc pentru încredere” – Forbes România, 18.01.24

How can we rebuild trust? Key quotes from 8 leaders at Davos – WEF, 19.01.24

Cum influențează inteligența artificială tendințele globale la nivel social, dar și în mediul de afaceri pentru 2024 – Marian Salzman, Philip Morris International / BIZ, 17.01.24

Accenture Life Trends 2024 – 10.23
The visible and invisible mediators between people and their world are changing. (+media release)


Democracy’s Super Bowl: 40 elections that will shape global politics in 2024Simon Tisdall, The Guardian, 17.12.23

Elections to Watch in 2024 – FP, 2.01.24
Dozens of countries will vote this year. In many of them, democracy is at a tipping point. By Allison Meakem, an associate editor at Foreign Policy

Over Half the World Has an Election in 2024 and Democracy Is on the Ballot – Amanpour and Company, 20.12.23

  • As 2023 comes to a close, we look ahead to a new year that is set to bring a world of challenges — from turmoil in the Middle East and a gruelling battle in Ukraine to growing tensions over Taiwan, and more than half the global population heading to the polls in a ground-breaking year of elections. Deputy Editor of The Economist Tom Standage joins the show to discuss his article “The Ten Trends to Watch in 2024.”

The Year Ahead 2024: Asia Heads To The Polls, US-China Ties, Jokowi’s Legacy – CNA, 28.12.23

  • 2024 is a big election year, with voters in parts of the world such as the US, Taiwan, and India heading to the polls. The results will affect a collective population of about four billion people and impact global stability and prosperity.
  • Beijing will also be keeping watch on Taiwan’s presidential election. China considers the island as a breakaway province to be unified, and the choice of Taiwanese voters at the ballot box will play a role in shaping the state of cross-strait ties.
  • Elsewhere in the world – polls will also be happening in Europe, while Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party will be picking its next leader. Indonesia, too, will be staging the world’s largest single-day polls – a watershed event that will define its post-Jokowi era.

A forecast for the 2024 European Parliament elections – ECFR, 23.01.24

A Guide to Europe’s Elections in 2024 – Visegrad Insight, 26.01.24
Several European nations hold elections this year while EU member states also elect the new European Parliament, which will determine the direction and leadership of the Union in the next four-year term.

Europe’s big political stories to watch in 2024Carl Bildt, GZero, 21.12.23

  • The European Parliament elections will show the respective strengths of the different political forces in Europe.

Five elections set to shape Europe in 2024, the biggest ballot year in history – euronews, 27.12.23

Europe: Elections to watch in 2024 – EIU, 11.23
We expect political fragmentation to remain a key trend in Europe next year.

The class of 2024 – Politico, 11.23
The POLITICO’s annual ranking of the most influential people in Europe. In addition to the most powerful person on the Continent, the list is divided into three categories — doers, disrupters and dreamers — each representing a different type of power.

Marile întrebări ale anului 2024, cel mai intens an al competiţiilor electorale în lume. Va persista tentaţia modelului democraţiei iliberale?Radu Carp, contributors, 1.01.24

The Specter of Nationalism – FP, 3.01.24
Identity politics has always influenced elections. In 2024, it will pose a serious threat to liberalism—and to democracy itself. By Pratap Bhanu Mehta, a visiting professor for distinguished teaching at Princeton University

Right-Wing Populism Is Set to Sweep the West in 2024 – FP, 26.12.23
A year of elections looms—and it could be a disaster for liberal democracy. By John Kampfner, the author of Why the Germans Do It Better: Notes from a Grown-Up Country

Can the Far Right in Europe Be Contained? – Judy Asks, Carnegie Europe, 18.01.24

  • Oana Popescu, GlobalFocus: In Romania, Social-Democrat Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has managed to dampen enthusiasm for the far right by focusing on social justice, economic protectionism, and moderate criticism of EU policies.

Democracy is at stake in the 2024 US election – Chatham House, 1.12.23
How Republican and Democrat opponents tackle the Trumpist radicalized right will determine whether democratic norms survive, writes Leslie Vinjamuri.

What AI Will Do to Elections – FP, 3.01.24
Depleted tech platforms, AI-enabled misinformation, and more than 50 countries voting in 2024. What could go wrong? By Rishi Iyengar

AI in 2024: Will democracy be disrupted? – GZero Media, 20.12.23

How AI could sway voters in 2024’s big elections – Chatham House, 26.09.23
AI-generated fake videos, ‘rumour bombs’ and ‘disinfo’ threaten key votes in America, India and beyond, writes Helen Fitzwilliam.


Top 10 geopolitical developments for 2024 – EY, 12.12.23
Global executives seeking to anticipate and plan for geopolitical disruptions should keep two key themes of multipolarity and de-risking in mind in 2024. There are three pivotal steps to take to get ahead of the top developments coming in the next year.

  1. Build geopolitical considerations into business models and strategies.
  2. Increase the resilience of global supply chains.
  3. Adapt sustainability strategies to geopolitical realities.

Defining Global Economic Issues in 2024Antonia Colibasanu, Geopolitical Futures, 19.12.23

Mapped: GDP Growth Forecasts by Country in 2024 – Visual Capitalist, 11.02.24

World Economic Outlook 2024: The risks to global growth are broadly balanced and a soft landing is a possibility – IMF, 30.01.24
> IMF says global ‘soft landing’ in sight, lifts 2024 growth outlook – Reuters, 30.01.24

Leaders at Davos see a global economy moving toward a new normal – CNBC, 19.01.24

Global finances: what does 2024 hold in store for major economies and markets?Graeme Wearden, The Guardian, 5.01.24

FT writers’ predictions for the world in 2024 – FT, 30.12.23

Why we can expect the return of the ‘Asian Century’ amid weak global economic forecasts – WEF, 1.01.24

What lies ahead for the global economy in 2024? – Counting the Cost, Al Jazeera, 30.12.23

  • A global recession was widely predicted in 2023, but major economies held firm, raising interest rates to control inflation. The United States’ economy expanded by 5.2 percent in the third quarter, the quickest pace in nearly two years. Food and fuel prices have come down. But inflation and high interest rates remain a major issue in many parts of the world.
  • Meanwhile, China is grappling with deflation as prices continue to fall. How will slowing growth and demand there affect the rest of the world? We look at what lies ahead for the global economy in 2024.

Confronting Our Four Biggest Economic ChallengesDani Rodrik, Project Syndicate, 9.01.24
At the start of a new year, it is increasingly obvious that new, creative thinking is needed to address climate change, socioeconomic malaise, faltering development strategies, and the breakdown of globalization as we know it. To remain relevant, economists must adapt to new realities and new demands.

Where Will the Global Economy Land in 2024?Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate, 8.01.24
Heading into 2024, most economists and market analysts have adopted a baseline scenario in which most major economies avoid both a recession and renewed inflation – the much-desired “soft landing.” But the current encouraging consensus could still be derailed by any number of factors, not least geopolitics.

The Inflation Challenge in 2024Jim O’Neill, Project Syndicate, 15.12.23
The latest consumer price data in major advanced economies offer some encouraging news about headline inflation trends; but core inflation (excluding energy and food prices) remains uncomfortably above central banks’ targets. Among the many variables for forecasters to watch in the new year, three stand out.

S&P Global: Economia zonei euro se îndreaptă spre o uşoară redresare la începutul anului – 5.02.24

Banca Central Europeană avertizează că zona euro riscă să intre în recesiune – hotnews, 10.01.24

Începutul de an aduce premise şi presiuni sporite pentru creşterea salariilor în Europa. BCE se teme că acestea pot reînvia inflaţia – ZF, 29.01.24

Europa: Revenirea inflaţiei în zona euro zguduie speranţele investitorilor legate de potenţialele reduceri ale ratelor dobânzilor – FT / ZF, 4.01.24

Europe outlook 2024 – EIU Report, 11.23
Despite significant economic headwinds facing Europe, the most pressing developments to monitor next year will be the performance of new governments and decarbonisation efforts.

Prognoza Erste pentru T1: Lumea, regiunea, riscurile pentru România – CdG, 9.01.24

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2024 – ILO, 10.01.24

5 Future of Work Trends for 2024 – Inc, 26.12.23


What CEE energy companies should look for in a turbulent 2024Radu Magdin, Emerging Europe, 23.01.24

Corneliu Bodea: Nu va mai fi nicio criză a alimentării cu gaz a Europei, nici în această iarnă și nici în viitor – Euronews, 12.01.24

Ce perspective are preţul petrolului în 2024 şi cum s-ar putea traduce în preţurile la pompă: În funcţie de conjunctură, putem discuta de 80-120 de dolari barilul de petrol, dar va rămâne probabil sub 100 de dolari – ZF, 17.01.24


The Best of CES 2024 – The Wired, 18.01.24
These are the products, prototypes, and ideas that most distinctly signaled the future at this year’s consumer tech showcase.

Generative AI, cyber resilience, and digital identities: technological trends that will take center stage in 2024 – BBVA, 4.01.24

Top 10 Opportunities for Technology Companies in 2024 – EY, 7.12.23
Embrace GenAI as game-changing technology and increase levels of expertise and experience in the organization.

Tech Trends 2024 – Deloitte, 6.12.23
Six emerging technology trends demonstrate that in an age of generative machines, it’s more important than ever for organizations to maintain an integrated business strategy, a solid technology foundation, and a creative workforce.

Predictions 2024: Exploration Generates Progress – Forrester, 24.10.23
The AI inflection point is here. It’s time to move fast, think bold, and be willing to pivot. The most dangerous move is to take a conservative “wait and see” approach.
Challenges abound: The macroeconomic picture remains cloudy, employee engagement is poised to slump, and political division isn’t going anywhere.

Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024 – 16.10.23
These innovations can drive you faster toward your business goals, especially in the fast-evolving age of AI.

  1. AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM)
  2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)
  3. Sustainable Technology
  4. Platform Engineering
  5. AI-Augmented Development
  6. Industry Cloud Platforms
  7. Intelligent Applications
  8. Democratized Generative AI
  9. Augmented Connected Workforce
  10. Machine Customers

Radu Bădiceanu, Partener Tehnologie PwC România: Inteligenţa artificială va începe din 2024 să transforme şi mai mult activitatea companiilor – ZF, 6.02.24

Deloitte: Cheltuielile companiilor cu Gen AI vor crește cu 30% în 2024 la nivel global. Piața cipurilor optimizate pentru această tehnologie: 50 mld. dolari, de la zero în urmă cu 2 ani – CdG, 31.01.24

AI in 2024: What Can We Expect? – Knowledge at Wharton, 3.01.24
Wharton’s Christian Terwiesch reflects on how far AI has come and what’s in store this year.

Inteligența Artificială prezice dezvoltările în domeniul AI pentru 2024: O privire asupra unui viitor transformator – AI / g4media, 5.01.24

AI: What are the risks in 2024? – The Economist, 26.12.23
Regulators are wrong to focus on existential risks

Bitdefender: anul 2024 o să fie dominat de atacuri de tip ransomware. Utilizatorii trebuie să rămână informaţi cu privire la ultimele trenduri în domeniul securităţii cibernetice şi să prioritizeze strategiile de apărare – ZF, 10.01.24

Companiile globale se declară îngrijorate cel mai mult de creşterea incidentelor cibernetice, în 2024 – Allianz Risk Barometer / agerpres, 16.01.24

The Top 24 Security Predictions for 2024 (1) – Dan Lohrmann GovTech, 17.12.23
The Top 24 Security Predictions for 2024 (2) – Dan Lohrmann GovTech, 23.12.23
The annual roundup of cybersecurity forecasts, top cyber trends and cybersecurity industry prediction reports as we head into calendar year 2024.


Fenomenele astronomice în 2024 – Adrian Șonka, 15.12.23

How 2024 could change space science this year and beyond – PBS, 3.01.24

  • With record-breaking rocket launches, a major milestone in low-Earth orbit and new images of the farthest visible reaches of the universe, 2023 was a hard year to top in space science.
  • But between a full solar eclipse, advances in moon missions and the hunt for life beyond our planet, there’s more to look forward to in 2024, says PBS NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien says.

These space launches are planned for 2024 – DW News, 2.01.24

  • 2023 was one of the most exciting years for space exploration. More people were in space at the same time than ever before. The number of space tourism flights also took off, and India became the fourth country to successfully soft-land on the moon – that’s to name just a few highlights. 2024 is set to be just as exciting.

științe / inovație

Science in 2024: what to expect this year – Nature, 3.01.24

11 clinical trials that will shape medicine in 2024 – Nature, 7.12.23


Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2024 – Reuters Institute, 9.01.24


The Future 100: 2024 – VML, 25.01.24
100 micro trends spanning culture creativity and connection. A profound and enriching 2024 awaits, ushering in the great deceleration for people and businesses after years of rapid acceleration. Community and connection at scale promotes the rise of shared experiences and people are demanding all spectrum of emotions to be engaged.

Adobe Stock 2024 creative trends forecast: Innovation and inspiration – Adobe, 7.12.23

Dentsu Creative 2024 Trends Report – Dentsu, 7.12.23
Each trend uncovers creative trend news, unexpected possibilities, creative examples and what it means for businesses to set your brand up for success today.

24 de recomandări pentru o comunicare mai bună în 2024 – Crafters, 15.01.24

5 tendințe care vor ajuta afacerile și brandurile să fie relevante în 2024 –, 19.10.23


The Most Anticipated Books of 2024 – FP, 31.12.23
The biggest releases in foreign affairs, history, and economics.

Europe’s top 10 culture destinations for 2024: From Arctic art to the Disgusting Food Museum – The Guardian, 2.01.24

The best new European trips for 2024: Ethical and greener travel – The Guardian, 15.01.24