Agenda 2024 – tendințe, prognoze

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Europe outlook 2024 – EIU Report, 11.23
Despite significant economic headwinds facing Europe, the most pressing developments to monitor next year will be the performance of new governments and decarbonisation efforts.

The world ahead 2024 – The Economist, 11.23



The class of 2024 – Politico, 11.23
The POLITICO’s annual ranking of the most influential people in Europe. In addition to the most powerful person on the Continent, the list is divided into three categories — doers, disrupters and dreamers — each representing a different type of power.



Accenture Life Trends 2024 – 10.23
The visible and invisible mediators between people and their world are changing. (+ media release)

  • Five trends explore the decline of customer obsession, the influence of generative AI, the stagnation of creativity, the balance of tech benefits and burden, and people’s new life goals.