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We Can Make COVID-19 the Last Pandemic – TED, 22.04.22

  • Building a pandemic-free future won’t be easy, but Bill Gates believes that we have the tools and strategies to make it possible — now we just have to fund them. In this forward-looking talk, he proposes a multi-specialty Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization (GERM) team that would detect potential outbreaks and stop them from becoming pandemics. By investing in disease monitoring, research and development as well as improved health systems, Gates believes we can “create a world where everyone has a chance to live a healthy and productive life — a life free from the fear of the next COVID-19.”


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Bill Gates explains why we should all be optimists – MIT Technology Review, 03.19

  • We sat down to talk about breakthrough technologies, China, and reasons to be cheerful with this issue’s guest editor.

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