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Cum rezolvăm criza de leadership – și ce rol ar putea avea femeile? – Madi Rădulescu, spotmedia, 18.12.21

The Problem With Coverage of Women in War – FP, 30.03.22
Stereotypes “permit and exacerbate conflict,” experts say. By Amelia Lester, the executive editor at Foreign Policy

How Cash Transfers Bring More Women Into the Workforce – FP, 10.3.22
On the new season of the Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women, Melinda French Gates and Esther Duflo share the most effective ways to support women. By Reena Ninan, a journalist and founder of Good Trouble Productions


Did Angela Merkel Matter for Women? – FP, 13.12.21
The ambiguous feminist legacy of the world’s most powerful woman. By Jill Petzinger, a freelance journalist and former Germany correspondent for Quartz and Yahoo Finance. She is currently based in Spain

Premieră în Guvernul Germaniei: Numărul femeilor este egal cu cel al bărbaților – libertatea, 6.12.21

Parlamentul masculin. PSD are mai multă încredere în femeile parlamentar decât USR – libertatea, 6.12.21

Why Does Spain’s Progressive Prime Minister Want to Ban Prostitution? – FP, 8.11
Pedro Sánchez hopes to bolster his feminist credentials—and take on the far right. By Omar G. Encarnación, a professor of political studies at Bard College

Jennifer Klein on the U.S.’s ‘First Ever’ National Gender Strategy – FP, 22.10
“We want it to be aspirational,” said co-chair of U.S. President Joe Biden’s policy council. By Amy Mackinnon, a national security and intelligence reporter at Foreign Policy, and Anna Weber, an intern at Foreign Policy

As Colombia’s Peace Crumbles, Female Guerrillas Wonder What’s Left for Them – FP, 6.11
Many joined the FARC to escape traditional gender roles. Now they’re being forced back. By Megan Janetsky

Why Can’t Women End Wars? – FP, 10.10
Even as other domains of policy diversify, peacemaking is still left almost entirely to men. By Janine di Giovanni, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a senior fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

România are cel mai mare procent de femei CEO din regiune, de 21% vs o medie de 8%. PIB-ul local ar putea creşte cu 24 mld.euro pe an prin creşterea egalităţii de gen – 23.09

Can Social Media Bring Justice for Women in Pakistan? – FP, 22.09
The killing of Noor Mukadam has galvanized an unprecedented online movement. By Hajira Maryam, an independent journalist and recent graduate of modern South Asian studies from Oxford University

Parlamentul Albaniei a girat noul guvern, în premieră dominat de femei – 17.09

How Latin American Women Governed During the Pandemic – FP, 30.07
Female leaders saved more lives in Brazil and reinvented stimulus policy in Argentina. By Catherine Osborn, the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly Latin America Brief

The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped the Rise of the Women’s Movement – FP, 13.07
Digital tools have multiplied collective power around the world. Leaders must invest in sustaining it. By Rachel Vogelstein, the director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Meighan Stone, an adjunct senior fellow in the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations

How to Close the Gender Gap in Peace Talks – FP, 17.06
Women’s representation is critical to lasting peace, but they are losing ground at the negotiating table. By Marlene Spoerri, the director of inclusive diplomacy and systems change for Independent Diplomat

Turcia se retrage în mod oficial din Convenţia de la Istanbul împotriva violenţelor asupra femeilor – RFI, 1.07

Why Aren’t There More Women Economists at the United Nations? – FP, 17.05
Female economists are rising to the top—everywhere but the U.N. By Colum Lynch

Chile’s New Founding Mothers – FP, 14.05
Chile prepares to elect constitutional authors with 50 percent being women, a global milestone. By Catherine Osborn

De ce am lăsat baltă femeile în timpul pandemiei? – DW, 7.05
Efectele pandemiei au afectat disproporţionat de tare femeile, arată un raport al Amnesty International. Am ignorat situaţia grea în care ele se află, constată Manuela Kasper-Claridge, redactor-şef DW.

Situaţia egalităţii femei-bărbaţi în lume: regres pe fond de pandemie – RFI, 31.03

Afghan Women’s Problems Don’t End With the Taliban – FP, 3.05
A new U.S. intelligence assessment suggests women’s rights in Afghanistan face threats even without a Taliban takeover. – By Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy, and Allison Meakem, an editorial fellow at Foreign Policy.

Afghanistan Can’t Achieve Stability Without Women – FP, 30.04
To reach a gender-conscious peace deal with the Taliban, Afghan negotiators need more time—and U.S. support. By Fawzia Koofi, an Afghan politician and member of the negotiations team engaged in peace talks with the Taliban.

Women Cut Out of the Afghan Peace Process – FP, 31.03
Two decades of progress are threatened by the Taliban return—and a hasty U.S. exit. By Lynne O’Donnell

Biden Takes Small Steps Toward Feminist Foreign Policy – FP, 26.03
Biden’s push for gender equality is a huge change from Trump, but experts stop short of calling it a feminist foreign policy. By Katie Livingstone

Myanmar’s Coup Is Devastating for Women – FP, 23.03
The junta’s patriarchal oppression will cost more lives in Myanmar—unless the international community acts now. By Michelle Onello, Akila Radhakrishnan

Ambasadoarea Suediei în România, Therese Hydén: Este mai isteț pentru companii să numească femei în board deoarece, sub conducerea lor, rezultatele se îmbunătățesc – RFI, 22.03

EU calls on Turkey to reverse withdrawal from treaty protecting women – Poltico, 21.03

Uyghur Women Are China’s Victims—and Resistance – FP, 12.03
The Chinese government may soon regret choosing to crack down on women from Xinjiang’s Muslim minority. By Simina Mistreanu

Myanmar’s Women Are on the Front Lines Against the Junta – FP, 12.03
Protesters are using the military’s fear of women against it. By Jessie Lau

Gender, Think-Tanks and International Affairs: A Toolkit Launch – 4.03

  • Compiled by staff at Chatham House, the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and the British American Security Information Council, this event launches a new toolkit which provides think-tanks with guidance on ways of adapting organizational structures, activities and practices to embed greater awareness of gender issues and adopt gender-sensitive approaches throughout their work.
  • The toolkit is designed for all people working in international affairs think-tanks, regardless of role, experience or level of seniority. It will be particularly useful for those think-tanks that are just beginning the process of raising greater awareness of gender issues internally, as well as for those that have already begun to make changes but wish to expand this work further.

Gender, Think-Tanks and International Affairs: A Toolkit – CH, 18.02

Representation Isn’t Enough – FP, 2.03
The number of women in elected office is on the rise, but that hasn’t necessarily translated into more power. By Saskia Brechenmacher, Katherine Mann, Lauren Meadows

Why Chile’s New Constitution Is a Feminist Victory – FP, 15.02
Activists built on years of organizing to achieve a groundbreaking gender-parity requirement in the upcoming drafting process. By Charis McGowan

How 3 Women Broke Into the Uber-Macho World of War Reporting – FP, 21.02
“You Don’t Belong Here” tells the story of three trailblazers who cleared the way for generations of female journalists after them. By Janine di Giovanni

The Women Who Helped Topple the Caliphate – FP, 15.02
“The Daughters of Kobani” chronicles the female Kurdish fighters who battled terrorists, fought for equality, and then got stabbed in the back. By Elise Labott

Prestigiosul Colegiu Winchester din Marea Britanie va admite fete pentru prima dată de la înfiinţarea sa, în 1382 / Taxele de şcolarizare se ridică la aproape 42.000 de lire sterline pe an – 10.02

There Will Be Another Pandemic. Women Can Stop It – FP, 2.02
From the household to the national stage, women play crucial roles in global health systems. Governments should adopt inclusive strategies before another crisis strikes. By Lois Quam, Rachel Vogelstein

After a Century of Lobbying, Women Are Finally Getting Top Jobs in Washington – FP, 20.01
Instead of talking about “binders full of women,” the new president has appointed several key female leaders in the national security agencies—but the U.S. government is still a long way from gender parity. By Rebecca C. Turkington

It Takes More Than a Diverse Cabinet to Advance a Feminist Foreign Policy – FP, 20.01
The Biden administration must move beyond superficial inclusion and actively promote gender equality globally while seeking to reverse the harm done in the name of forever wars. By Toni Haastrup, Paul Kirby

Covid-19 Dealt a Blow to Working Women. Can We Emerge Stronger? – NY Times, 12.20

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