Balcani: Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

Why NATO Should Worry About the Balkans – FP, 30.03.22
Moscow is creating a pretext for further meddling in Bosnia. By Harun Karcic, a journalist and political analyst covering the Balkans

For Migrants in Bosnia, the ‘Game’ Is the Road to a Better Life – FP, 20.02.22
Hundreds of migrants brace for winter as they try to cross into the European Union. By Janine di Giovanni, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a senior fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and Amnon Gutman, a photographer based in the Middle East and Europe

Albania Is a New Belt and Road Battleground – FP, 24.01.22
China has been rebuffed plenty in Europe, making the Western Balkan state an even bigger prize. By Amanda Coakley, an international correspondent based in Vienna

Aleksandar Vucic’s Pyrrhic Victory – FP, 15.04.22
The Serbian president’s anti-Western propaganda is coming back to haunt him. By Florian Bieber, the coordinator of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group and the Jean Monnet chair in the Europeanization of Southeastern Europe at the University of Graz, Austria, and Srdjan Cvijic, the Europe’s Futures fellow of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna and a member of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group (BiEPAG)

Serbia sprijină integritatea Ucrainei, dar nu va impune sancţiuni Moscovei, spune preşedintele Vucic – 26.02.22

Why Serbia’s President Is a Threat to Europe – FP, 5.01.22
Aleksandar Vucic’s authoritarian government is aiding Russian and Chinese propaganda and allowing genocide denialists to celebrate war criminals. By Florian Bieber, the coordinator of the Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group and holds the Jean Monnet chair in the Europeanization of Southeastern Europe at the University of Graz, Austria


What Russia Really Wants in the Balkans – FP, 23.11
The Kremlin is destabilizing Bosnia and Herzegovina in pursuit of broader strategic goals. By Vesna Pusic, a former first deputy prime minister and minister of foreign and European affairs of Croatia

How Biden Can Save the Peace in Bosnia – FP, 15.11
Bosnia is on the brink of crisis. U.S. and NATO troops could prevent it. By Hamza Karcic, an associate professor at the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Political Sciences

Time to Act on Bosnia’s Existential Threat – FP, 3.11
The EU and the United States need to stop making concessions to Serbian secessionist forces backed by Russia. By Majda Ruge, a senior policy fellow with the Wider Europe program at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Președinta Comisiei Europene, Ursula von der Leyen: „Viitorul Albaniei este în Uniunea Europeană. Sunt foarte hotărâtă să fac să se întâmple acest lucru” – 28.09

The Balkans Don’t Believe the EU Anymore – FP, 25.08
The European Union’s next candidates for accession have realized the process is leading nowhere—and are acting accordingly. By Benjamin Haddad, the director of the Future Europe Initiative at the Atlantic Council in Washington, and Damir Marusic, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council

Biden’s Balkans Test Has Arrived – FP, 12.06
The U.S. president has taken a step toward getting tough on Serbia—but can he see the policy through? By Edward P. Joseph

What the UK and the EU can do together in the Balkans – Politico, 9.06
A strategy to counter Russian and Chinese influence, the revival of nationalism and the risk of conflict is long overdue. By Arminka Helić is a member of the British House of Lords and served as special adviser to Foreign Secretary William Hague from 2010 to 2014

Compania ungară Arthur Bergmann construieşte un parc acvatic de 65 mil. euro în Becej, Serbia – ZF, 6.08

Edi Rama Is Building Bridges to Europe—or Nowhere – FP, 3.08
As an artist, he dreamed of the West. As Albanian prime minister, the West is letting him down. By Una Hajdari, a Balkans-based journalist, and Aleksandar Brezar, a print, TV and radio journalist mainly reporting on southeastern Europe

Bosnia Herțegovina: Condamnarea lui Ratko Mladic îi înfurie pe liderii politici din Republica Srpska – RFI, 15.06

Bosnia Is Heading Toward Another Meltdown – FP, 1.06
EU and U.S. neglect is allowing Russia to fan ethnic flames. By Tanya L. Domi, an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, and Ivana Stradner, a Jeane Kirkpatrick fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Refugees in Bosnia: EU offers aid while criticising government’s handling of crisis – euronews, 4.01

Erdogan’s grip on the Balkans – CH, 2.04

Generalul-locotenent Daniel Petrescu, la Conferinţa şefilor Apărării din Balcani – 8.06

MAE: Credem că proiectul european va fi cu adevărat împlinit doar după aderarea statelor din Balcanii de Vest – 30.04

Geoană: The future of the Western Balkans lies with the Euro-Atlantic community – 11.02

Biden in the Balkans – FP, 18.11.20
Fixing Trump’s mistakes in the region will be easy. Avoiding Obama’s will be much harder. By Majda Ruge


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