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The Afghan Crisis Demands a Coordinated Response on Refugees – FP, 16.02.22
This is a chance to display democratic values—and establish a better order. By Rory Stewart, a former British secretary of state for international development

Why India Won’t Ease the Afghan Refugee Crisis – FP, 1.10.21
New Delhi once rolled out the welcome mat for those fleeing its neighbors. What happened? By Sumit Ganguly, a columnist at Foreign Policy

Throw a Lifeline to the Afghans Left Behind – FP, 21.09
This week’s U.N. General Assembly provides an opportunity to assist the minorities, activists, women, and girls still in Afghanistan. By Knox Thames, a former U.S. State Department special advisor on religious minorities

Turkey’s Refugee Problem Is Reaching a Breaking Point – FP, 8.09
Turkey’s population is exhausted, and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will only make anti-refugee sentiment more central to the country’s politics. By Selim Sazak, a doctoral student in political science at Brown University

Ţările care se învecinează cu Afganistanul urmează să primească sute de milioane de euro dacă găzduiesc temporar refugiaţii afgani – 1.09

Pakistan cere hotelurilor din capitală să le facă loc miilor de refugiați din Afganistan – 27.08

Thousands of Afghans push for exit into Pakistan – DW News, 27.08

ONU: Peste jumătate dintre afganii transferați din țară de la începutul lunii mai sunt copii – 26.08

Afganistan: Talibanii s-au angajat să-i lase să plece pe americani şi pe afganii aflați în situaţie de risc, după 31 august – 26.08

Persoanele evacuate de americani din Afganistan sunt ținute în condiții greu de imaginat, arată un document intern al administrației Biden – 24.08

Ce spun imigranții afgani din SUA și familiile militarilor căzuți la datorie în Afganistan / ”Domnule Biden, am avut încredere în dumneavoastră” – 22.08

Macron a vorbit la telefon cu Biden despre refugiații din Afganistan: Nu îi putem abandona – 20.08

România şi peste 60 de state, declaraţie comună legat de situaţia din Afganistan: Cetăţenilor afgani şi străini care doresc să plece trebuie să le fie permis să facă asta – 16.08

Afghanistan Braces for a Brain Drain – FP, 24.08
The Taliban are intent on driving out the very people they need to make the country governable. By Kelly Kimball, the social media editor at Foreign Policy

Taliban Takeover Seen as a Boon for Human Smugglers – FP, 19.08
Along one part of the Turkish border, hundreds of new Afghan migrants show up every day. By Liz Cookman, Emre Caylak

Biden Sparked a Refugee Crisis. He Must Help Europe Bear the Cost – FP, 19.08
The chaotic U.S. withdrawal has already led thousands of Afghans to flee. Most will end up in European Union countries, and Washington should help pay for their resettlement and integration. By Elisabeth Braw, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

The Coming Afghan Refugee Crisis Is Only a Preview – FP, 13.08
More desperate migrants will head West in coming years—and the West’s migration policies must change in response. By Anatol Lieven, a senior research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Taliban gains trigger exodus from Afghanistan – DW News, 6.08

Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal Will Spark the Next Refugee Crisis – FP, 5.07
The European allies that fought alongside the United States will face the fallout as thousands of refugees flee the Taliban, giving fodder to far-right parties. By Elisabeth Braw

Will the End of the U.S. War Create More Afghan Refugees? – FP, 8.07
With the Taliban insurgency expanding, the U.S. withdrawal could provoke a major humanitarian crisis. By Michael Kugelman, the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly South Asia Brief


Those Left Behind in Afghanistan – FP, 1.10
A month after the U.S. withdrawal, Afghans who worked for the U.S. war effort are in hiding. Few see a way out. By Robbie Gramer, Jack Detsch, Amy Mackinnon

U.S. Troop Pullout Sparks New Urgency for Afghan Evacuations – FP, 1.09
There’s little expectation the Taliban will make it easy to leave. By Amy Mackinnon

A ‘Digital Dunkirk’ to Evacuate Afghan Allies – FP, 21.08
Veterans mobilize online to help Afghans fleeing the Taliban. By Amy Mackinnon


ONU: Talibanii intensifică „vânătoarea” afganilor care au colaborat cu trupele SUA și NATO – 20.08

U.S. Officials Make Last-Minute Push to Get Afghan Spies Out Before Withdrawal – FP, 25.07
Intelligence assets who worked for the CIA now face deadly reprisals. By Emma Loop, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance reporter focusing on national security, federal law enforcement, and politics

‘Now I Can’t Go Home’ – FP, 25.06
Afghan interpreters who worked with the U.S. military clamor for U.S. visas to escape Taliban retribution. By Lynne O’Donnell, an Australian journalist, author, and analyst

Afghan Interpreters in the Crossfire of U.S. Pullout – FP, 17.06
Future U.S. partners will have to “think twice” about helping the Pentagon if Biden isn’t able to grant visas to Afghan interpreters, lawmakers said. By Jack Detsch

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