Agenda 5G-6G – doc

5G Explained – FP Analytics, 2020
Part One: Technology and Infrastructure – 22.01.20
Part Two: The Competitive Landscape – 24.02.20
Part Three: National Security – 31.03.20

Curtea de Conturi Europeană: Tehnologia 5G va contribui cu până la o mie de miliarde de euro la PIB-ul european în 2021-2025 – 25.01.22


Germany, Europe, and the coming battle over 6G – ECFR, 15.12.21
Germany is right to view 6G through the lens of growing geopolitical competition. But, instead of investing in its own 6G programme, the country could better serve its interests by supporting EU efforts to develop standards in this area.

Reuters: Huawei a obţinut acordul SUA pentru a cumpăra cipuri destinate componentelor auto de la companii americane – 26.08

China Knows the Power of 5G. Why Doesn’t the U.S.? – FP, 17.07
New infrastructure technology will tip the scales in favor of authoritarianism or democracy worldwide. By Rumana Ahmed, a consultant on democracy and technology for the National Democratic Institute and a Truman National Security Fellow, and Moira Whelan, the director of democracy and technology at the National Democratic Institute

Guvernul face loc tehnologiei 5G: Operatorii vor putea amplasa gratuit antene pe stâlpii de iluminat public, semafoare ori în stații / Montarea antenelor va fi permisă și pe spații verzi în orașe și în arii protejate – 1.10

Sperietoarea chineză Huawei. Care sunt mizele Alina Mărculescu Matiș,, 14.07.21

SUA și Albania au semnat o înțelegere care ar putea interzice accesul Huawei la construirea rețelelor 5G din țara balcanică – 15.06

India Draws a Line in the 5G Sand – FP, 18.05
After last summer’s clashes with China, New Delhi may finally be ready to leave ambiguity behind—and side with the West. By Harsh V. Pant, the director of research at the Observer Research Foundation, and Aarshi Tirkey, a junior fellow with the Observer Research Foundation.

Studiu Ericsson: Schimbările 5G printre utilizatorii de smartphone-uri din 26 de țări, inclusiv România: Unul din cinci utilizatori folosește mai puțin Wi-Fi acasă – 17.05

Huawei Is Bad for Business – FP, 30.04
The Chinese telecommunications firm is risky for companies, not just governments. By Doowan Lee, a national security advisor to the Institute for Security and Technology, and Shannon Brandao, a lawyer and the founder of China Boss News on Substack.

Ericsson lansează Open Lab, laborator pentru dezvoltarea tehnologiilor de virtualizare a reţelelor 5G – 5.04

Orange şi SFR dau startul tehnologiei 5G, la Paris – RFI, 18.03

UK-Japan Digital Cooperation: 5G and Beyond – CH, 12.03

  • The UK and Japan have been working together to explore how they can deliver a trusted new network to address the cybersecurity concerns raised by their citizens. In Japan, the response has included 5G rollout using ‘Open RAN’ technologies, enabling mobile network providers to use equipment from multiple vendors while still ensuring interoperability. This hints at what future global technology standards in the digital infrastructure field might look like.
  • Following the recent announcement by Japanese telecom supplier NEC of its establishment of an Open RAN promotion centre in the UK, as well as confirmation of the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with provisions for free flow of data, this webinar considers the future direction of UK-Japan digital cooperation:
    • How might the UK and Japan lead global cooperation over digital technology and cyber security? What challenges might the partnership face?
    • What are the current 5G policies of the UK and Japan? How do both countries envisage their future digital growth?
    • How do the UK and Japan intend to secure cyberspace and make telecommunication networks more resilient?

Latin American Governments Are Caught in the Middle of the U.S.-China Tech War – FP, 26.02
So far, policymakers have maintained strong ties with both nations. In 2021, they may face a point of no return. By Oliver Stuenkel

The EU’s front line with China: Stockholm – Politico, 10.02
Beijing is threatening retaliation over Sweden’s ban on Huawei and ZTE in 5G contracts.

How Trump won over Europe on 5G – Politico, 4.02
The former US president’s tactic of cutting China out of next-generation cellphone networks has paid off.

Berlin’s €2B plan to wean off Huawei (Nokia and Ericsson too) – Politico, 2.02
German draft proposal would subsidize smaller firms to enter 5G market.

Europa a rămas în urma SUA şi Asia în cursa implementării reţelei 5G – ZF, 31.01

5G. Superputerile tehnologiei – podcast Hotnews susținut de Ericsson

  • 5G și roboții, interviu cu Riccardo Mascolo, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Global CU Telecom Italia și Mediterana de Sud-Est

Huawei: A Global Force – High Tech Giant and Suspected Spy – DW, 3.01.21

  • Telecommunications giant Huawei is said to be one of the most powerful companies in China. But Huawei has been accused of systematic espionage, and some Western governments doubt whether the company is truly independent of the Chinese government.
  • This documentary investigates concerns about Huawei and internet security. The company is a major player in the manufacture of smartphones, and enjoys a technological lead in the development of the super-fast 5G broadband network worldwide.
  • But the US and some other Western countries suspect that Huawei works closely with the Chinese government on espionage and sabotage operations. Has Huawei becomne a pawn in the trade war between the US and China?


Samsung a intrat în cursa pentru înlocuirea Huawei în dezvoltarea reţelelor 5G din Europa – 17.12

5G : une guerre froide sino-américaine – Le Dessous des cartes, 21.11.20

Déploiement de la 5G en France : un premier accès limité et un climat de défiance persistant – 18.11

The Biden Administration Needs a Fresh Approach to Huawei and 5G – FP, 13.11
Rivalry with China is only one reason why U.S. policy on digital risks is falling short. By Andrew Grotto

Why experts have security concerns about Huawei’s 5G infrastructure – DW, 13.11

Trump Turning More Countries in Europe Against Huawei – FP, 27.10.20

15 state europene cer UE o strategie de combatere a mișcării ”anti-5G” – 19.10.20

Huawei luptă împotriva excluderii sale de la cursa 5G din România. Gigantul tehnologic chinez se luptă ‘cu ghearele și cu dinții’ să împiedice adoptarea în parlament a unei legi care i-ar interzice să promoveze sistemul 5G în această țară – Balkan Insight, 26.11

Huawei a reclamat România la Comisia Europeană din cauza excluderii din rețeaua 5G – 2.11.20

O soluţie pentru depăşirea impasului tehnologiei 5G din România – Nicolae Oacă, ZF, 8.10.20

Ce trebuie să înțelegem din schimbul de replici SUA-China în România pe tema 5G? „Este posibil ca acest subiect să devină o temă electorală pentru alegerile generale” – 5.09.20

Schimbări în proiectul care transpune în legislație Memorandumul 5G cu SUA și de ce eliminarea chinezilor de la Huawei va afecta și rețelele 2G, 3G și 4G din România – 3.09.20


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