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Viitorul UE, discutat din nou în Conferință – 24.01.22


Conferința privind Viitorul Europei: Prioritățile Societății Civile – EuroPuls, 3.06

Viitorul Europei: câte atribuții sunt dispuse să cedeze guvernele? – RFI, 11.05

Conference on the future of Europe : Inaugural event – PE, 9.05

  • The Inaugural event for the Conference on the Future of Europe took place on Sunday 9 May 2021 in Strasbourg, from 14.00 to 15.30 CET.

On Europe Day, EU kicks off ‘conference’ on its future – Politico, 9.05

Conference on the Future of Europe – CE, 9.05

9 mai: Ziua Europei și startul unei dezbateri care ar putea schimba Uniunea – RFI, 9.05

USR PLUS prezintă un manifest privind Viitorul Europei, invitând cetăţenii la dezbatere/ Cioloş: Dacă nu vom avea o Uniune Europeană în care să aibă încredere cetăţenii, nu vom avea deloc o Uniune Europeană – 9.05

Privind spre viitorul nostru: o Europă mai puternică și democratică – Manfred Werner, Siegfried Mureșan, 6.05

Conference on the Future of Europe: Geopolitical EU – IIP Vienna, 9.05

  • In the context of the Conference on The Future of Europe, planned for the next two years, the IIP asked experts to take a deeper look on the main challenges, domestically and internationally, for the European Union in the next four years.

Conference on the Future of Europe: EU’s Internal Challenges – IIP Vienna, 6.05

Dubravka Šuica: Conferința pentru viitorul Europei, un moment crucial în istoria democrației europene – 20.04

Europe Day 2021: the Future of Europe – 19.04

  • If Europeans face challenges together, we can turn them into opportunities. This Europe Day, we are inviting you to make your voice heard! We want to know your ideas and hopes for the future of Europe.

Conferința pentru viitorul Europei și câteva semne de scepticism la români – RFI, 10.03

Conference on the Future of Europe: Engaging with citizens to build a more resilient Europe – CE, 10.03.21

High level Interdisciplinary Conference on the Future of Europe / Day1 – College of Europe, Bruges, 9.02

Extracts from the statements on the Future of Europe – CE, 31.01

  • David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, – Charles Michel, President of the European Council – Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Portugal pushes to start delayed ‘future EU’ conference – EUObserver, 21.01

The new dimension of ‘ever-closer union’ – EUObserver, 21.01
by Jaap Hoeksmais a philosopher of law, and the author of the Theory of Democratic Integration

Ce priorităţi are Uniunea Europeană în 2021 şi care sunt priorităţile României? – Nicolae Ștefănuță, 19.01

Conference on The Future of Europe: Towards a New Social Contract and a Europe that Works for Everyone – Radu Magdin, European Liberal Forum, 2021


The Future of Europe – CFR, 1.12.20

  • Panelists discuss the multiple challenges facing Europe today, including the public health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, continued threats of nationalism, Russian influence, and relations with the United States.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt is front-runner to lead conference on Europe’s future – Politico, 25.11.20

The future of Europe – DW, 2.09.20

  • For young people in Europe, the Second World War is safely in the past. But peace and the shared values of European unification are now under threat. Young Europeans are fighting to make sure that history does not repeat itself.

The Future of Europe: Security, Economy, and the Transatlantic Relationship – Milken Institute, 09.19

  • European nations and the union that binds their economies have cause for collective concern. Relations with the American administration are at a generational low point. Russian interference in continental elections seems only to grow with time. The enduring populism that forced the United Kingdom to leave is also shaking up France, Italy, and Poland, not to mention Germany, where GDP growth in 2018 declined by a third from the previous year. Even Deutsche Bahn can’t seem to keep its vaunted trains running on time nowadays. Amid great and unvarnished uncertainty, how will European leaders respond to their electorates, plus a host of internal and external threats—economic, democratic and existential?

The Future of Europe – CFR, 2016
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held a two-day symposium on March 21 and March 22, 2016, which featured five panels discussing the future of the European Union. The symposium, held at CFR’s office in New York, brought together leading scholars and ambassadors from Europe to examine the current challenges facing Europe, including the potential for a Brexit, the possibility of revamping EU institutions and deepening European integration, and the effects of the refugee crisis, slow economic growth, and a growing populist movement.

The Future of Europe: The EU at a Crossroads – CFR, 2016

  • Experts reflect on the development of the European Union (EU) since its creation with the Treaty of Maastricht twenty-five years ago, and evaluate the future of the EU and challenges that lie ahead.


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