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Why Is Taiwan Bankrolling a U.S. Lobbyist for Guatemala? – FP, 21.01.22
Taipei’s checkbook diplomacy is poised for a showdown with Washington’s anti-corruption agenda. By Catherine Osborn, the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly Latin America Brief


Codruța Kovesi, șefa Parchetului European: Nu există mai multă corupție în Europa de Est decât în Europa de Vest/ Nici o țară nu este curată/ Am văzut atacuri la adresa justiției în toate părțile continentului – DW, 8.12.21

The Fatal Flaw in the West’s Fight Against Autocracy – FP, 6.10
The Pandora Papers reveal the critical role Western countries play in enabling autocrats. By Casey Michel, an investigative reporter based in New York

How Art Dealers, Real Estate Agents, and Hedge Funds Enable Corruption – FP, 26.09
If Biden is serious about fighting corruption, he needs to regulate 10 key white-collar professions. By Josh Rudolph, a fellow for malign finance at the Alliance for Securing Democracy

150 de miliarde de dolari delapidați au fost scoși din Irak din 2003, afirmă președintele Saleh, care a trimis parlamentului un proiect de lege anticorupție – 24.05

The Rise and Fall of Igor Matovic – FP, 4.05
Slovakia’s prime minister lost his job to the pandemic, but his example serves as a warning to other corruption-fighters lacking governing experience. By Dariusz Kalan, a Central Europe correspondent in Warsaw.

Report: Corruption in U.S. at Worst Levels in Almost a Decade – FP, 27.01
Corruption runs rampant in most countries, and that has big impacts on things like health care. By Cailey Griffin, Amy Mackinnon

statele unite și corupția globală

Biden Doesn’t Know What He Thinks About Sanctions – FP, 29.12.21
The United States has committed to combatting corruption—but is hesitating to take on Russia. By Paul Massaro, the policy advisor for counter-kleptocracy at the Helsinki Commission, and Benjamin L. Schmitt, a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University and a senior fellow for Democratic Resilience at the Center for European Policy Analysis

Biden Takes Aim at Kleptocrats – FP, 14.12.21
The United States is finally taking big steps to close the loopholes that make America a money laundering haven. By Amy Mackinnon, a national security and intelligence reporter at Foreign Policy

Biden Is Flagging on Kleptocracy – FP, 8.10
The U.S. administration is losing focus on global corruption. By Ben Judah

Biden Might Stop a Sanctions Revolution – FP, 24.08.21
As the U.S. government reviews its use of sanctions, it has a chance to double down on the ones that are actually effective. By Paul Massaro, the policy advisor for counter-kleptocracy at the Helsinki Commission, and Casey Michel, an investigative reporter based in New York

Biden Jump-Starts Fight Against Kleptocracy – FP, 3.06
New memorandum puts anti-corruption efforts at the heart of national security strategy. By Amy Mackinnon

The U.S. Midwest Is Foreign Oligarchs’ New Playground – FP, 3.06
Forget Manhattan or Monaco; it’s cities like Cleveland that are now attracting ill-gotten money from abroad. By Casey Michel, an investigative reporter based in New York, and Paul Massaro, the policy advisor for counter-kleptocracy at the Helsinki Commission

Congress Can Do Better to Fight Weaponized Corruption – FP, 31.03
An understaffed agency vital to U.S. security desperately needs a bigger budget. By Gary Kalman, Josh Rudolph

U.S. Tax Policy Can Help Africa’s Fight Against Illicit Financial Flows – FP, 17.05
The Biden administration can stop multinational companies, criminals, and kleptocrats from siphoning off Africa’s wealth. By Audrey Donkor, an international affairs analyst and a freelance writer from Ghana.

U.S. Lawyers Are Foreign Kleptocrats’ Best Friends – FP, 23.03
How the United States’ legal community became global oligarchs’ most useful enablers. By Alexander Cooley, the Director of Columbia University’s Harriman Institute and the Claire Tow Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, and Casey Michel, an investigative reporter based in New York

Biden Can’t Fight Corruption Without Help From Europe – FP, 14.01.21
To stop drug traffickers, criminals, and kleptocrats from laundering their loot, the United States and EU must join forces. By Kathleen Doherty

Why Biden Needs to Confront Corruption – FP, 22.12.20
If the U.S. president-elect is serious about restoring the rule of law and democracy, he needs to first tackle the global menace of graft. By Alexandra Wrage, Michelle D. Gavin

Biden Expected to Put the World’s Kleptocrats on Notice – FP, 3.12.20
The U.S. president-elect and his top advisors have made the fight against dirty money one of their early priorities. By Amy Mackinnon

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