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  • Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, discusses the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence for Spain and Europe and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their digital agenda, in an interview conducted by José Ignacio Torreblanca, Head of the Madrid Office and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations for the series “The Future is Already Here: Spain and Europe in a post-Covid world”.


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Groundbreaking all-electric plane paving way to greener aviation – TechXplore, 29.05.20

  • Ganzarski says his electric planes will not only contribute greatly to a healthier world, but they offer other benefits, too. With no complex fuel engines, electric-generated planes will require less maintenance and they could be up to 80 percent less expensive per hour to operate than fuel-engine planes. This means lower ticket prices and greater incentives for airlines to establish routes to smaller airports and less-popular regions currently underserved by the airline giants.
  • Progress in mileage is expected to be made, but slowly. As advances in newer lithium sulfur and hydrogen fuel-cell batteries, along with as-yet undiscovered technologies, produce lower weight and higher efficiency batteries over the next decade, plane passenger capacities will rise to nearly 20, according to Ganzarski. Planes carrying 100 passengers remain three to four decades away, he said.


50+ Reasons Our Favorite Emerging Technologies Had an Amazing 2019 – Singularity Hub, 31.12.20

While not every government on the planet seems to be a fan of renewable energy, it keeps on outperforming fossil fuel after fossil fuel in places well suited to it—even without support from some of said governments. (…)

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

While not every government on the planet seems to be a fan of renewable energy, it keeps on outperforming fossil fuel after fossil fuel in places well suited to it—even without support from some of said governments.

  1. One of the reasons for renewable energy’s continued growth is that energy efficiency levels keep on improving.
  2. As a result, an increased number of coal plants are being forced to close due to an inability to compete, and the UK went coal-free for a record two weeks.
  3. We are also seeing more and more financial institutions refusing to fund fossil fuel projects. One such example is the European Investment Bank.
  4. Renewable energy’s advance is tied at the hip to the rise of energy storage, which also had a breakout 2019, in part thanks to investments from the likes of Bill Gates.
  5. The size and capabilities of energy storage also grew in 2019. The best illustration came from Australia were Tesla’s mega-battery proved that energy storage has reached a stage where it can prop up entire energy grids.

Bill Gates explains why we should all be optimists – MIT Technology Review, 03.04.19

  • We sat down to talk about breakthrough technologies, China, and reasons to be cheerful with this issue’s guest editor.