Energie: Cărbune – doc

South Africa’s Coal Deal Is a New Model for Climate Progress – FP, 12.11
The agreement is the most impressive thing to come out of the COP26 climate summit. By Nicholas Kumleben, a senior analyst at GreenMantle

Why India Can’t Wean Itself Off Coal – FP, 21.10
Those who see India as a climate boogeyman are holding it to a standard they would never apply to themselves. By Vijaya Ramachandran, the director for energy and development at the Breakthrough Institute, and Sandeep Pai, senior research lead in the energy security and climate change program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Companiile europene de utilităţi încep să treacă pe cărbune odată cu scumpirea gazelor naturale / Cum a crescut cererea de lignit  în Germania – 12.10

The End of Coal Is Coming Sooner Than You Think – FP, 13.08
Despair elides the progress made over the last two decades. By Ketan Joshi, a climate communications expert

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