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Liderii americani intră în şedinţă: Inflaţia din SUA a urcat la 6,8% în noiembrie, cel mai ridicat nivel din ultimii 40 de ani – zf, 10.12.21

The pandemic’s housing crisis splintered the American Dream into 4 different versions. Say goodbye to the white picket fence – Bloomberg, 14.11

Planul economic al administrației Biden: Creșterea impozitelor pentru cei bogați, reducerea costurilor din sănătate pentru cei săraci / Plan de investiții de 1.200 de miliarde de dolari – 16.09

What More Investment Could Mean for U.S. Infrastructure? – CFR, 27.08

  • Increased infrastructure spending could improve U.S. economic competitiveness, including by reducing traffic congestion, better preparing for extreme weather events, and improving broadband access.

Are We in a Rerun of ‘That ’70s Show’? – FP, 26.07
Some economists warn inflation is a ticking time bomb. By Michael Hirsh

Cea mai mare teamă pe Wall Steet nu mai e inflaţia, ci că economia americană a atins limita de viteză: creşterea economică, ajunsă la apogeu, începe să devină un element mai îngrijorător. combinaţia dintre presiunea preţurilor şi ratele crescânde de infectare creşte riscul ca avansul economic puternic să nu rămână decât vise frumoase – ZF, 20.07

SUA: Creștere economică de 7%, „cel mai rapid ritm dintr-o generație” (FMI) – 1.07.21

Lina Khan, the new antitrust chief taking on Big Tech – FT, 18.06
Her selection as head of the Federal Trade Commission is sending shockwaves through Wall Street and Silicon Valley

Obamacare rămâne în vigoare, a decis Curtea Supremă a SUA / Victorie majoră pentru democrați – 17.06

NYT: Joe Biden va propune un buget al SUA de 6.000 de miliarde de dolari – cel mai mare de după al Doilea Război Mondial – 27.05

Tax the rich? Executives predict Biden’s big plans will flop – Politico, 16.05
Corporate executives and lobbyists say they are confident they can kill almost all of these tax hikes by pressuring moderate Democrats in the House and Senate.

Biden’s ‘America First’ Policies Are Spreading Global Pain – FP, 12.05
Like its blatant vaccine nationalism, the administration’s unchecked stimulus policies are hurting the world—especially the global poor. By Joseph W. Sullivan, a senior advisor at the Lindsey Group and a former special advisor and staff economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers during the Trump administration.

Americanii se pregătesc pentru cea mai mare inflație de după 2013 – 11.05

America Is Becoming a Social Democracy – FP, 6.05
The Biden administration is accomplishing what was once thought historically impossible. By James Traub

Biden Wants to Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle – FP, 5.05
But he won’t be able to pull that off. Here’s why. – By Yukon Huang is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Joshua Levy, a junior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

To Save American Prosperity, Renew Fast Track – FP, 28.04
Sure, everybody’s a protectionist now. But there’s a way to both protect U.S. workers and support free trade. By Halie Craig and Clark Packard

Biden shows huge ambition but trade-offs are inevitable – CH, 29.04
The US clearly wants to lead in providing global public goods and upholding liberal values but making America prosperous remains an absolute requirement.

Biden’s New Deal: Massive recovery plan signals radical change – DW, 29.04

  • Donald Trump called him ‘Sleepy Joe’, a has-been who had been around Washington too long. Now, after 100 days in office, Joe Biden is being touted as the new Roosevelt, his recovery plans as the most ambitious seen since the New Deal of the 1930s redefined the role of government in the United States. 

Biden unveils $6 trillion plan to be financed by taxing the rich – DW, 29.04

  • Joe Biden has pitched his proposals for what he calls a “once in a generation investment in America. In his first speech to Congress as US president, he outlined sweeping plans to increase wages and invest in infrastructure to create more jobs. He also stressed the need for the US to reassert its place in the world – saying it must show its adversaries that “democracy still works.”
  • Biden of course came into the presidency with lofty ambitions. He pledged to bring the country out of the pandemic, to fight racial injustice, and to make a ‘once in a generation’ investment – creating what he calls the strongest, most resilient and innovative economy in the world.
  • 100 days in to his presidency, he’s poised to rack up quite a bill: 6 trillion dollars. That’s the total cost of Biden’s spending proposals so far this year.
  • The first $1.9 trillion has already begun flowing into the economy, including $1,400 stimulus checks for many Americans.
  • He’s also proposed a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill. It aims to update America’s ailing roads and bridges, while also improving internet and electric vehicle networks.
  • And then that $1.8 trillion bill aiming to improve child care and access to education.
  • Biden plans to pay for this by raising taxes. He wants to increase the corporate tax rate to 28% and the top tax rate for America’s wealthiest to 39.6%.
  • Biden spent decades in the US Congress as a senator. Now, he was back with an ambitious program that could see him becoming a transformational US president. He began by drawing attention to the historic fact that for the first time ever, the two people behind him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice-President Kamala Harris, were women.
  • Offering a wide-ranging vision of jobs, prosperity, and a new era of big government, with big spending plans, Biden said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super-rich.

A look at what’s in Biden’s American Families Plan – 29.04

  • President Biden is seeking a major investment in child care and education in his proposal called the American Families Plan.

Biden to Unveil $1.8 Trillion American Families Plan – 28.04

  • President Joe Biden will unveil a sweeping $1.8 trillion plan Wednesday, aimed at expanding education and tax cuts, funded by tax hikes on the rich.

Biden: Jobs Plan Is Blue Collar Blueprint to Build America – Bloomberg, 29.04

  • President Joe Biden discusses the American Jobs Plan and how it will help create jobs for the American people. He speaks to a joint session of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Biden: I Will Not Add Tax Burden to Middle Class – Bloomberg, 29.04

  • President Joe Biden discusses his tax plan for economic growth in the U.S. He speaks during a joint session of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Biden Willing to Compromise on 28% Tax Rate: Secy. Raimondo – Bloomberg, 29.04

  • U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says President Biden is willing to to negotiate on the suggested 28% corporate tax rate that he wants to use to pay for his proposed infrastructure bill.

Biden Plan May End Private Equity’s Most Lucrative Tax Break – Bloomberg, 29.04

  • Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak reports on President Joe Biden’s plan to abolish the preferential treatment given to a key method of compensation for private equity managers.

Biden Set to Unveil Plan Increasing Taxes on Wealthy – Bloomberg, 26.04

  • President Joe Biden will provide details this week on his plan to increase taxes on the investments, income, and estates of the wealthiest Americans.

Biden sets out spending plan to counter China – Reuters, 29.04

  • President Biden proposed a sweeping new $1.8 trillion plan for families and education in a speech to a joint session to Congress, pleading with Republican lawmakers to work with him on divisive issues

To Save American Prosperity, Renew Fast Track – FP, 28.04
Sure, everybody’s a protectionist now. But there’s a way to both protect U.S. workers and support free trade. By Halie Craig and Clark Packard

Is ‘Bidenomics’ a watershed moment in global economics? – CH, 22.04
With more than $4 trillion already promised focused on workers, inequality, and sustainability, a transformative approach could spell the end for neoliberalism.

Principalele prevederi ale planului de investiţii în infrastructură al preşedintelui american Joe Biden, de 2.000 de miliarde de dolari – 13.04

Biden propune un plan de investiții de 2.000 de miliarde de dolari, de care America își va aminti şi „peste 50 de ani” – 2.04

To Build Bridges, Biden Plans to Hike Taxes – FP, 1.04
Biden’s planned corporate tax hike comes as countries negotiate on a global minimum standard to tackle tax havens.

Political analysis of Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan – 17.03

  • President Biden and first lady Jill Biden are traveling the country as the White House makes its pitch to the American people about the benefits of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Biden’s ‘Foreign Policy for the Middle Class’ Is a Revolution – FP, 17.03
The new administration is trying to forge a new national consensus on grand strategy that doesn’t privilege the rich. By James Traub

The Time for a Green Industrial Policy Is Now – FP, 15.03
The Biden administration can restore U.S. leadership by building the clean energy economy. By Jason Bordoff

Biden’s Stimulus Is the Dawn of a New Economic Era – FP, 5.03
The United States’ massive relief package is more than a technocratic policy. It’s a democratic triumph. By Adam Tooze

America’s Supply Chains Are Foreign Policy Now – FP, 16.02
Why the push to bring home manufacturing won’t work—and what Biden should do instead. By Shannon K. O’Neil

Buttigieg: It’s time to ‘transform’ our infrastructure – 22.01

  • Pete Buttigieg, President Biden’s transportation secretary nominee, made his case to a Senate panel for why he should be confirmed and said that the country must do more to improve its infrastructure.

Biden enters office with one of the worst economies in U.S. history – 22.01

  • More than 1.3 million people in the United States applied for unemployment aid last week, the final full week of data for the Trump administration.

President Joe Biden to tackle US economic crisis – 20.01

  • Hours after being sworn into office, US President Joe Biden began to tackle some of the country’s most pressing economic concerns. Top of his economic agenda – passing more financial aid for businesses and households, addressing inequality, and improving trade ties with American allies.  

What is Joe Biden’s plan to rescue the US economy? – 20.01

  • Joe Biden is inheriting a weakened American economy, battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment remains high, and the latest jobs figures show the recovery could have stalled. Ahead of the inauguration, we look at the details of the incoming President’s rescue plan for the US economy, and his broader economic platform. Also today, we’ll tell you why Janet Yellen has given hope to many European leaders that a compromise could be found on changing the rules for taxing digital giants.

Yellen Faces Senate to Sell $1.9 Trillion Aid Plan – 19.01

  • Jan.19 — Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen faces the Senate Finance Committee at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and is likely to answer questions from foreign-exchange policy to taxes, but will also serve as the first congressional forum where lawmakers will vet President-elect Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan.

Senate hearing to consider Janet Yellen as Biden’s Secretary of Treasury – 19.01

What the world wants from John Kerry – Politico, 19.01
Joe Biden’s climate envoy will have to restore the world’s confidence that the US will tackle climate change.

America Must Reclaim the Global Lead on Climate Change – FP, 19.01
Five places to start undoing the Trump administration’s damage and rebuilding U.S. leadership. By Chris Murphy

The Changing Politics of Climate Action In The United States – 19.01

Americanii bogaţi s-au îmbogăţit şi mai mult în pandemie – 18.01

Plan urgent de relansare economică, de 1900 miliarde de dolari, destinat să scoată SUA din ”cea mai gravă criză” după 1930 – 15.01

The Economic Outlook for 2021 – CFR, 15.01
Panelists discuss the economic outlook for 2021, including post-pandemic global recovery expectations and the potential economic priorities of an incoming Joe Biden administration.

Trying to find ways to heal America’s economic pain – 8.01

  • As President-elect Biden prepares to change the federal government’s approach to COVID, he’s also about to inherit an economy that may be slowing down. Friday’s jobs report was the worst in the last eight months and that economic sluggishness is tied to the COVID surge.

États-Unis : le contrôle du Sénat, un enjeu économique majeur – 5.01

  • Les élections sénatoriales américaines de mardi en Géorgie ne constituent pas seulement un enjeu politique. Le contrôle de la chambre haute du Congrès représente aussi un enjeu économique de taille. Sur les marchés financiers, les investisseurs suivent donc de près ce scrutin, pour anticiper la politique économique du prochain gouvernement.


‘We didn’t choose this.’ Unemployed man shares frustrations on COVID relief fight – 28.12

  • Millions of unemployed Americans watched the weekend fight over COVID relief play out with a sense of exasperation over feeling like pawns in a game of political football, said Michael West, 60, an Uber driver who has been out of work since the spring. He talks to Amna Nawaz about the realities of pandemic job loss and what he thinks Americans like him need from Congress in the coming months.

US agrees $900 bn coronavirus aid package – 21.12

  • U.S. congressional leaders reached agreement on Sunday on a $900 billion package to provide the first new aid in months to an economy and individuals battered by the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Congress appears to be near deal on government funding and COVID relief package – 16.12

  • Congress appears to be inching closer to a COVID relief and government funding deal as a Friday deadline approaches. House and Senate leaders will resume high-stakes talks today after failing to reach an agreement last night.

Can Katherine Tai Deliver on Biden’s ‘Middle-Class’ Trade Agenda? – WPR, 15.12

Pelosi backs $908 billion stimulus bill after months of holding out for more – 2.12

Democrats shift positions on a sized-down economic relief bill – 2.12

Bipartisan group of senators working on new COVID-19 relief deal – 1.12

Biden holds virtual roundtable with workers, business owners affected by the pandemic – 2.12

Democrats debate direction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture – 30.11

With millions expected to lose jobless benefits soon, Congress deadlocked on new aid package – 26.11

Yellen Promises to Move With Urgency to Fix the Economy – 1.12

Biden confirmă numirea lui Janet Yellen la șefia Trezoreriei / Cine sunt membrii Consiliului Economic – 30.11

Yellen’s Mandate: Massive Stimulus, Assuaging Fears of Inflation – FP, 24.11
New Treasury nominee hailed as the right woman for the moment. By Michael Hirsh

Biden Delivers Remarks on the Economy – 16.11

Économie américaine : le “New Deal” de Joe Biden – 13.11

Watch Out Wall Street: Biden May Be Coming for You – FP 13.11
His new financial advisors include some of the toughest proponents of banking regulation from the 2008 financial crisis. By Michael Hirsh

Biden to push for new coronavirus stimulus deal as cases spike – 13.11

Joe Biden veut relancer l’économie par les infrastructures et par un “green deal” – 9.11

America’s Economy Is Fragile. So Is Biden’s Economic Team – FP, 9.11
In today’s Democratic Party, inheriting Obama’s economic legacy may be a burden, not a benefit.

Just how viable is Joe Biden’s economic plan? – DW, 7.11


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