Afganistan: Esențiale – dos

How America Forgot It Needed to Understand The Enemy – FP, 18.09
Social scientists helped win World War II by judging enemy morale. But in Afghanistan, the U.S. kept getting it wrong. By Zachary Shore, the author of A Sense of the Enemy and Blunder: Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

The Taliban Can’t Control Afghanistan. That Should Worry the West – FP, 31.08
The risk of a terrorist resurgence comes primarily from the Taliban’s Islamic State rivals. By Fawaz A. Gerges, a professor of international relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science

The Falling Man of Kabul – FP, 28.08.21
Zaki Anwari represented what a free Afghanistan could achieve. His gruesome death is a vivid reminder of the human toll of U.S. abandonment. By Laila Rasekh

A photographer gives an inside look at the fall of Kabul, her longtime home – NG, 20.08
Kiana Hayeri chronicles the Afghan city’s tension, her evacuation, and the guilt she feels for leaving people behind. By Rachel Hartigan, Photographs By Kiana Hayeri

Cum arată Afganistanul din punct de vedere etnic, lingvistic și religios – 18.08.21

Why Afghanistan’s Tribes Beat the United States – FP, 16.08.21
Tightly bound kinship networks aren’t vestiges of the past. They’re a modern—and effective—form of political organization. By Jeremi Suri, the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin

Afghanistan Endgame – Sky News, 15.07

  • A special programme looking at the future of Afghanistan as US and NATO troops begin their withdrawal after two decades of war.

What went wrong in Afghanistan? – BBC, 7.08

Stop Assuming the Taliban Will Win – FP, 28.07
With ethnic warlords reviving their militias, the Afghan war—even without the U.S. military—is more balanced than it seems. By Anchal Vohra, a columnist for Foreign Policy and a freelance TV correspondent and commentator on the Middle East based in Beirut

A ‘Life and Death Fight’ Against the Taliban in Central Afghanistan – FP, 22.07
Bamiyan, home to the Taliban-wrecked Buddhas, might be the start of Afghanistan’s pushback against the insurgents. By Lynne O’Donnell

With the Militias in Afghanistan – FP, 1.07
As Afghan forces melt away, local armed groups are left to hold the line against the Taliban. By Lynne O’Donnell

To Understand Afghanistan’s Future, Reckon With the Region’s Colonial Past – FP, 20.08.21
From Kabul to Kolkata, South Asian heirs of partition can draw inspiration from their history to chart a sustainable future. By Priya Satia

When Afghanistan Almost Worked – FP, 26.04.21
Five decades ago, before the great powers intervened, Afghanistan was on a much better path than today. But the longed-for “decade of democracy” was soon shattered. By Emran Feroz

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