Noul Normal în Relațiile Internaționale – doc

lumea după pandemia COVID-19: ce “nu va mai fi la fel” – în Relațiile Internaționale

Multilateralism’s failure to tackle our biggest challenges is compounding them – ECFR, 20.07
Our collective failure to end the pandemic now will cause even deeper and more costly problems in the future

Vaccines Will Shape the New Geopolitical Order – FP, 30.04
The gulf between haves and have-nots is only growing. By Simon Frankel Pratt and Jamie Levin

The World Needs a Post-Pandemic Health Treaty With Teeth – FP, 5.04
WHO has no power to demand openness or independently confirm data at present. By Lawrence O. Gostin, Eric A. Friedman, Lauren Dueck

25 de şefi de stat şi de guvern lansează un apel pentru un Tratat internaţional legat de pandemii – RFI, 30.03


GZERO Summit on Post-Covid Geopolitics | GZERO Summit – 13.12

Trump, COVID-19, and the Future of International Order – FP, 8.10.20

The Day After: Navigating in a post-pandemic world – Carnegie Endowment, 1.10.20

  • Navigating the post-pandemic international landscape will pose an enormous challenge for decisionmakers in boardrooms and situation rooms alike. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has convened its global network of more than 150 scholars from twenty countries and six global centers to produce “The Day After: Navigating a Post-Pandemic World”—a digital magazine that provides grounded, fresh analysis and new approaches to some of the most consequential challenges unfolding before us.

How the World Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic – Foreign Policy, 20.03.20

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