Agenda Japoniei – doc

Suga’s Olympic-Sized Gamble – FP, 22.06
Backed by the G-7, Japan’s prime minister will likely go ahead with the games. How they play out will determine his survival. By Kazuhiro Maeshima, the dean of the Faculty of Global Studies at Sophia University  in Tokyo, Japan

As the Clock Ticks, Japanese Wonder If the Olympics Are Worth the Risk – FP, 8.06
Opponents are calling foul, but the data suggests the event can be pulled off. By William Sposato

The U.S.-Japan Alliance Should Pivot to China’s Human Rights Issues – FP, 22.02
Washington and Tokyo need a sharp focus in a challenging era. By Ayumi Teraoka, Elliot Silverberg, Charles Crabtree

Japan Worries About Four More Years of Trump—and About a Biden Presidency – FP, 3.11.20
Neither U.S. presidential option is great for Tokyo. By William Sposato

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