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Francis Fukuyama: amenințarea populismului, pericolul chinez și importanța memoriei – RFERL, 21.06.21

Francis Fukuyama: Expect More Violence Before America Returns to Sanity – FP, 18.01.21
The famed political philosopher still believes in democracy’s ultimate triumph but says the “end of history” has been sidetracked by unforeseen forces. By Michael Hirsh

How to Save Democracy From Technology – FA, 1-2.21
Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly. By Francis Fukuyama, Barak Richman, and Ashish Goel

Francis Fukuyama on the State of Democracy in 2020 and Beyond – WSJ, 12.20
Global democracies may have lost some ground in 2020 to authoritarian governments. But there are reasons to hope things are starting to turn around.

Dr Francis Fukuyama on liberalism and the 2020 US presidential election – 11.20

  • Delivering the 2020 Owen Harries Lecture, Dr Francis Fukuyama offers a defence of liberalism in theory and in practice. This lecture includes Dr Fukuyama’s analysis of left-wing and right-wing identity politics, Trumpist politics outlasting Donald Trump’s presidency, and president-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

Fukuyama, despre impactul social media asupra democraţiei: efectele subtile ale subminării alegerilor raţionale conştiente – Iulian Chifu, 11.20

The Pandemic and Political Order – FA, 7-8.20
It Takes a State. By Francis Fukuyama

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