G7 – agendă de idei

Will Europe Get Tough on China? – FP, 17.06
The latest G-7 summit shows Biden could be more successful than Trump in courting allies to counter Beijing. By James Palmer

Boris Johnson holds news conference as G7 summit ends – The Guardian, 13.06

President Biden speaks after G-7 summit – The Washington Post, 13.06

  • President Biden spoke and took questions June 13 about the Group of Seven’s commitments to tackling issues related to China, Russia, the coronavirus pandemic and climate change after attending a summit in Britain with other world leaders. Later in the day, he traveled to Windsor Castle to visit Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Read more: https://wapo.st/3wl9UQO.

Exclusive: Ursula von der Leyen says G7 global strategy has ‘no strings attached’ unlike China – euronews, 13.06

  • Speaking exclusively to Euronews, the European Commission President described China as a ‘systemic rival’ and said the EU and G7’s investment plans for the developing world come without conditions.

Boris Johnson confirms G7 to donate one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses by end of 2022 – euronews, 13.06

  • The UK Prime Minister told a news conference at the end of the G7 summit in England that a billion doses will be donated to poorer countries by the end of next year.

Mixed reactions to the G7 vaccine plan – Reuters, 13.06

  • A G7 plan to donate a billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to poorer countries will have limited impact because it includes some previous pledges, but it still offers a small lifeline to a global vaccine buying system, according to some experts.

G7 confronts authoritarian threats from China and Russia – DW, 13.06

  • Leaders of the wealthiest democracies have agreed on a plan to counter China’s global influence. The first face-to-face G7 summit since the pandemic began has showcased a new found western unity. Day two of the talks in southwest England focused on holding back the rising power of authoritarian states such as China and Russia. The third and final day will wrap up with pledges of cash to help fight climate change.
  • Even environmental protesters who turned out to criticize the pace of climate action had words of welcome for the U-S president. Tackling climate change is one of the issues French President Emmanuel Macron says will be easier now that Washington wants to partner up.
  • The spirit of cooperation is working for Biden as he won G7 support for the “Build Back Better World” initiative, which will mobilize public and private capital to help close a 40-trillion dollar infrastructure gap with developing countries. The US wants to create a counter-weight to Chinese investment although German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized the plan is not against Beijing, it’s for assisting poorer countries.
  • Merkel also called on her fellow G7 leaders to share more coronavirus vaccines with developing countries. The group is expected to finalize commitments to preventing future pandemics in their summit communique Sunday.

Biden urges unity among G7 leaders with global infrastructure plan to rival China – CBS, 13.06

  • President Biden met with G7 leaders on Saturday to call for a stronger alliance among members. The group announced a massive infrastructure plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative.

G7 leaders develop plans to counter China and stop new pandemics – France24, 12.06

  • G7 leaders are on Saturday set to agree a joint declaration aimed at preventing another pandemic, as they resume wide-ranging talks at their first in-person summit in almost two years.

Boris Johnson kicks off G7 with plea to tackle inequality – BBC, 11.06

  • The G7 summit has started in Cornwall, England, with Boris Johnson urging fellow leaders to “build back better” as the world recovers from the Covid pandemic.

G7 : taxer les multinationales – ARTE, 13.06

  • Dans sa quête d’harmonisation fiscale, le G7 s’est fixé un objectif : soumettre les sociétés à un taux minimal d’impôt de 15%. Ce projet de réforme de la fiscalité mondiale compte instaurer plus d’égalité et une solidarité internationale, en visant particulièrement les paradis fiscaux.

G7 countries reach deal on global corporate tax – DW, 5.06

  • G7 finance ministers meeting in London say they’ve reached a deal on global tax reform. The agreement is designed to close the loopholes used by some of the world’s biggest companies to avoid paying taxes. Germany says it’s quote ‘good news for justice and fiscal solidarity’. It would set corporate tax at a minimum of 15 percent, no matter where companies are based.

What’s the Point of the G-7? – FP, 10.06
As Biden attends the summit, it’s worth asking whether this group—or other alliances of democracies—can really get anything done. – By Emma Ashford, a senior fellow in the New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, and Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council

What is the G7? – CNBC, 10.06

  • The G7 or Group of Seven is an organization made up of world’s “most influential” and “advanced” economies. Every year, the leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan gather to talk global affairs. But why seven countries and what does the group actually do?

Chatham House – 06.21

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