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When Afghanistan Almost Worked – FP, 26.04
Five decades ago, before the great powers intervened, Afghanistan was on a much better path than today. But the longed-for “decade of democracy” was soon shattered. By Emran Feroz

The United States Needs Central Asian Partners to Protect Afghanistan’s Future – FP, 17.06
Ambitious post-withdrawal hopes can’t be achieved without bases nearby. By Philip Caruso, a fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Afghan Interpreters in the Crossfire of U.S. Pullout – FP, 17.06
Future U.S. partners will have to “think twice” about helping the Pentagon if Biden isn’t able to grant visas to Afghan interpreters, lawmakers said. By Jack Detsch

Afghan Air Force Could Be Grounded After U.S. Pullout – FP, 14.06
The one advantage the Afghan army had on the Taliban looks set to slip away with the hasty U.S. withdrawal. By Lynne O’Donnell, an Australian journalist, author, and analyst

U.S. Withdrawal Constrains Counterterrorism Options – FP, 10.06
Biden’s pledge to maintain U.S. capacity in Afghanistan without boots on the ground appears easier said than done. By Michael Kugelman

Pentagonul a retras jumătate din trupele şi echipamentele sale din Afganistan – 9.06

Taliban Map Out Future Vision for Afghanistan – FP, 8.06
The militant group’s spokesman vows to “continue our war” until Afghanistan has an Islamic government. By Lynne O’Donnell, an Australian journalist, author, and analyst

Women in Afghanistan: Do not forget us – TWT/ CH, 4.06
Shazia Haya on the fears of a return to repression

Primii 70 de militari români s-au întors din Afganistan / Planul de retragere se va încheia în septembrie, dar calendarul repatrierii nu este public, din motive de securitate – 8.05

David Petraeus : le retrait américain “ne mettra pas un terme à la guerre sans fin en Afghanistan” – France24, 4.05

  • Ancien commandant suprême des forces américaines en Afghanistan et ex-directeur de la CIA, le général David Petraeus analyse pour France 24 la décision du président Joe Biden de retirer les forces américaines présentes sur le sol afghan. Il respecte ce choix mais redoute les conséquences néfastes de ce départ “d’ici deux ou trois ans”. Et il craint, de manière plus générale, que la situation sécuritaire ne se dégrade sous la pression des Talibans.  

Afghan Women’s Problems Don’t End With the Taliban – FP, 3.05
A new U.S. intelligence assessment suggests women’s rights in Afghanistan face threats even without a Taliban takeover. – By Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy, and Allison Meakem, an editorial fellow at Foreign Policy.

Afghanistan Can’t Achieve Stability Without Women – FP, 30.04
To reach a gender-conscious peace deal with the Taliban, Afghan negotiators need more time—and U.S. support. By Fawzia Koofi, an Afghan politician and member of the negotiations team engaged in peace talks with the Taliban.

America, the Afghan Tragedy, and the Subcontinent – FP, 30.04
Four decades of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan have left South Asia transformed—and on the cusp of a realignment. By C. Raja Mohan, the director of the National University of Singapore’s Institute of South Asian Studies.

Retragerea NATO din Afganistan a început în mod ”coordonat” – 29.04

Leaving Afghanistan Will Be More Expensive Than Anyone Expects – FP, 27.04
Penalties for broken contracts, fees for shipping equipment, and salaries for the Afghan military are just a few of the costs that will hit the United States as it leaves. By Mackenzie Eaglen

Afghan Ambassador: ‘The Ball Is in the Taliban’s Court’ – FP, 23.04
Roya Rahmani says the Taliban have no justification for continuing their war after the departure of international troops. By Jack Detsch

‘The Taliban Have Tracked Me’
In Logar Province, just outside of Kabul, fear of a Taliban takeover rises. By Ali M. Latifi

Afganistan: americanii se retrag, talibanii „mai puternici ca niciodată” – RFI, 19.04

End the ‘Forever War’ Cliché – FP, 22.04
The war in Afghanistan needed to wind down. But Washington is learning the wrong lesson. By Steven A. Cook

Afghans Don’t Need U.S. Troops. They Need Islands of Stability – FP, 20.04
Here’s how the Biden administration can prevent chaos in Afghanistan, even after it withdraws. By Michael F. Harsch, Taylor Whitsell

‘Bring the Troops Home’ Is a Dream, Not a Strategy – FP, 19.04
A full withdrawal from Afghanistan is a costly blunder and failure of leadership. By John Bolton

From Moral Responsibility to Magical Thinking: How Biden Changed His Mind on Afghanistan – FP, 16.04
After 9/11, Biden embraced the idea that U.S. troops should leave the country better than how they found it. Now, as president, he’s withdrawing them regardless. By Michael Hirsh

Is Leaving Afghanistan Misguided or Overdue? – FP, 16.04
Biden’s withdrawal announcement is meant to end a 20-year war, but Washington has been dragged back into conflicts before. By Emma Ashford, Matthew Kroenig

Biden Is Done with Afghanistan. Is Afghanistan Done With America?
Pulling out all U.S. troops is the administration’s risky plan to pressure Kabul and the Taliban to make peace. By Elise Labott

Biden’s Withdrawal Plan Sets the Clock Ticking in Afghanistan – FP, 14.04
With troops to depart on Sept. 11, the next five months are critical for any chance of peace. By Michael Kugelman

Biden to Complete Full Afghanistan Withdrawal by Sept. 11 – FP, 13.04
The move will finally end the United States’ longest war. By Robbie Gramer, Jack Detsch

In Afghanistan, the Choice Isn’t Withdraw or Endless War – FP, 2.04
A middle path, with a greater role for India, is still possible—and preferable to either extreme. By Sumit Ganguly, Tricia Bacon

It’s Time to Prepare for U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan – FP, 24.03
There are no good choices, but staying on is the worst. By Michael Kugelman

Austin Calls for ‘Responsible’ End to Afghan War – FP, 21.03
The U.S. defense secretary, in a surprise visit to Afghanistan, warned that Taliban violence remains “pretty high” as Biden weighs withdrawal. By Jack Detsch

Biden’s Options in Afghanistan – FP, 16.03
The United States and Pakistan must work together to secure the country’s future. By Anne Patterson, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, Syed Mohammad Ali

In Race Against Time, Biden Officials Launch New Afghan Peace Drive – FP, 8.03
Washington’s latest proposal would draw on Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran for support. By Elise Labott, Robbie Gramer

Afghanistan Shows the Limits of India’s Power – FP, 22.04
With the United States departing, New Delhi is seeking new ways to project influence. By Sushant Singh

India Joins the Afghan Peace Negotiations – FP, 25.03
Long sidelined by Islamabad, Moscow, and Beijing, New Delhi is finally taking a seat at the table. By Harsh V. Pant, Kriti M. Shah

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