Belarus: Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

Forced Confessions Are the Propaganda of Terror – FP, 14.06
Belarus’s Lukashenko doesn’t want to be believed—he wants to be feared. By Natalia Antonova

Roman Protasevici, „demascare” în stil sovietic la televiziunea de stat a Belarusului – 4.06

Lukaşenko înăspreşte prin lege sancţiunile pentru participanții la proteste neautorizate şi pedepsele pentru „extremism” – 8.06

Lukashenko’s Air Piracy Has Revitalized Belarus’s Opposition – FP, 1.06
An exhausted movement finds new support abroad. By Vladislav Davidzon, a writer, journalist, and artist who has reported extensively from Ukraine

Defiant Belarus Snubs U.S. Ambassador – FP, 7.06
As relations between the West and Belarus crash, the U.S. envoy is barred from entering the country. By Robbie Gramer, Amy Mackinnon,

Can Biden Do Anything About Belarus? – FP, 28.05
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s brazen air piracy and increasing closeness to the Kremlin demand a response, but Washington’s next move isn’t obvious. By Emma Ashford, a senior fellow in the New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, and Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council

Întîlnire Lukaşenko – Putin la Soci: o întărire a unei alianţe anti-occidentale? – RFI, 27.05

To Get at Lukashenko, Punish His ‘Moneybags’ – FP, 7.06
To impress the Belarusian dictator, go after his and his associates’ wealth. By John Hardie, a research manager and Russia research associate at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Cosmin Popa: Occidentul poate lua urma banilor lui Lukașenko, dacă vrea să îl salveze pe Protasevici. De ce e mai profitabil pentru regim ca el să moară – spotmedia, 27.05

EU stops Belarus flights, sanctions individuals: Will it hurt Lukashenko? – DW, 25.05

  • European Union leaders have announced sanctions for Belarus after it forcibly diverted a Ryanair flight, and arrested of a dissident journalist. The measures were agreed upon at a summit in Brussels.
  • Member states decided to take the following steps: Belarusian airlines will be banned from using EU airspace and airports. Economic sanctions and travel restrictions will be imposed on a number of individuals linked to the plane’s diversion. And a 3 billion euro EU investment package for Belarus will remain on hold. The European Council is demanding the immediate release of detained journalist Roman Protasevich. His supporters fear for his safety.

Armand Goșu: ”E greu de crezut ca Roman Protasevici va scăpa cu viață din mâinile KGB, dacă nu dă declarații pe placul lui Lukașenko” – contributors, 26.05

Lukashenko Has No Limits – FP, 26.05
Europe should offer Belarusians a way to escape their dictator. By Natalia Antonova

Belarus ‘Hijacking’ Opens New Playbook for Autocrats – FP, 24.05
Snatching a dissident off a European Union-flagged carrier headed to another EU country opens a dangerous door. By Amy Mackinnon, Robbie Gramer

Belarus Is Becoming Europe’s North Korea – FP, 24.05
Fear and panic spread among dissidents after journalist seized from forced-down plane. By Vladislav Davidzon

Polonia acuză Belarus de ”gesturi neamicale” și anunță că mai expulzează doi diplomați – 12.03

Soţul Svetlanei Tihanovskaia, aflat la închisoare în Belarus, a fost inculpat pentru patru capete de acuzare și riscă până la 15 ani după gratii – 11.03

Young Belarusians Dream of Creating a Normal European Country – FP, 11.03
A generation of entrepreneurs and artists are facing prison sentences. By Daniel Polansky

Lukashenko’s Brutal Crackdown Has Lethal Help From Moscow – FP, 4.03
An investigation into the suppression of protests discovered the widespread use of Russian weapons. By Vlad Kobets, David J. Kramer

Belarus: Lidera opoziţiei admite că „a pierdut strada” – 21.02

‘Please Don’t Disappoint the Belarusian People’ – FP, 19.02
As Belarus’s embattled president continues a brutal crackdown, challenger Svetlana Tikhanovskaya tries to keep the flames of democracy alive. By Amy Mackinnon

Lukașenka inaugurează Adunarea Pan-Belarusă pentru aprobarea unui plan cincinal de dezvoltare – 11.02


Glass half full: The EU’s policy on Belarus – ECFR, 20.11

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