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To Save American Prosperity, Renew Fast Track – FP, 28.04.21
Sure, everybody’s a protectionist now. But there’s a way to both protect U.S. workers and support free trade. By Halie Craig and Clark Packard

A ‘New Progressive Era’ Or A ‘Stalled Revolution’? Debating Biden’s First 100 Days – MSNBC, 27.04.21

  • As the country approaches President Biden’s first 100 days in office, writers Anand Giridharadas and Ramesh Ponnuru debate Biden’s record thus far.

What progressives think of Biden’s first 100 days – CBS, 27.04.21

  • President Joe Biden is approaching the 100-day mark in his term. CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Joel Payne and Briahna Joy Gray, the former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, join CBSN’s Tanya Rivero with how progressives are reacting to Biden’s first 100 days.

FMI avertizează în legătură cu un posibil război comercial în lipsa unui acord fiscal mondial / Acordul ar trebui să conțină reguli privind impozitul pe profitul marilor companii multinaţionale – 5.05

The World Is Closer Than Ever to Getting Corporations to Pay Up – FP, 27.04.21
Forget the naysayers. The global fight against corporate tax dodgers finally looks winnable. By Edward Alden

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Is a Bad Idea Whose Time Hasn’t Come – FP, 12.04.21
Janet Yellen’s proposal has all but zero chance of success. By Joseph W. Sullivan

UNICEF: Aproximativ o ţară din opt cheltuieşte mai mult cu plata datoriilor decât cu serviciile sociale – 6.04

Capitalismul de stat: Franţa culege „roadele“ pandemiei, Germania încă n-a scăpat de moştenirea crizei trecute, iar Polonia îşi construieşte campioni naţionali uriaşi – ZF, 6.04

GDP Didn’t Save Countries From COVID-19 – FP, 6.04
The pandemic’s impact shows growth is an arbitrary target. By Malka Older

The Death of Neoliberalism Is Greatly Exaggerated – FP, 6.04.21
The West’s economic orthodoxy of the past 40 years has been shaken by the pandemic—but the fight isn’t nearly over yet. By James K. Galbraith

We All Live in Germany’s World – FP, 26.03.21
How the German government accelerated the 20th century’s economic march toward neoliberalism. By Quinn Slobodian

Biden Is Getting Ready to Bury Neoliberalism – FP, 27.08.20
The potential next Democratic administration is preparing to upend decades of dogma on globalization. By James Traub

The West Needs Champions – FP, 4.03
With China strongly backing its big national firms, the West should consider doing the same. By Elisabeth Braw

Why Are Republican Presidents So Bad for the Economy? – NY Times, 2.02
G.D.P., jobs and other indicators have all risen faster under Democrats for nearly the past century.


Efectul COVID asupra economiei: În Geneva super-bogaților se instituie salariul minim garantat: 3.600 de euro – 6.10.20

Pentru a salva Occidentul şi generaţia millennials trebuie taxat capitalismul rentier, financiar şi imobiliar. Iar pensionarii trebuie să plătească factura pentru tineri – ZF, 14.08.20

Europe After Coronavirus: The EU and a New Political Economy – CH, 8.06.20

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