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ce îl așteaptă pe Președintele Biden în țară – și ce se așteaptă dinspre și de la el în țară / de la alegere la inaugurare

The Biden Power Map. An interactive guide to key players across seven foreign-policy priorities – FP, 30.04.21

The political evolution of Joe Biden – 29.04

  • President Biden has long positioned himself as a mainstream liberal, but during over 50 years in politics, the former senator and vice president’s views have evolved along with the times.

Bidens walk into the White House as the first family for the first time – 20.01

  • President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, along with members of their family and security officials, left the presidential motorcade to walk along Washington, D.C.’s 15th Street — what would have normally been the inaugural parade route — and then to the White House. The first couple and their family walked into the executive mansion after “Hail to the Chief” was played. The 46th president’s inauguration comes amid a global pandemic that has modified inauguration traditions, and in the aftermath of an attack on the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump extremists.

Joe Biden sworn in as 46th U.S. president – 20.01

President Biden inauguration speech in full – BBC News, 20.01

  • In his inaugural address, US President Joe Biden said “democracy has prevailed” and held a moment of silence for victims of coronavirus.

Kamala Harris is sworn in as vice president, a barrier-breaking moment in U.S. history – NY Times, 20.01

Kamala Harris Sworn In As America’s First Female, Black And South Asian Vice President – 20.01

  • Kamala Harris, 56, was sworn in as the 49th vice president of the United States today (Jan. 20) by associate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Harris became the first woman in American history – as well as the first woman of African American and south Asian descent – to hold the post.

The inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Administration – 20.01

PBS NewsHour special coverage

Inauguration Live Updates: Biden Is Sworn In as 46th President, Kicking Off New Era in Washington – NY Times, 20.01

Live Updates: ‘We Must End This Uncivil War.’ Joe Biden Takes Office, Promising Unity – Time, 20.01

Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration, a Solemn Eeriness Descends on the Capital – FP, 20.01
A maze of checkpoints stretches across Washington’s commercial and residential districts, webbed in caution tape and patrolled by thousands of troops. By Jack Detsch, Kelly Kimball

De Roosevelt à Joe Biden : mode d’emploi d’une investiture présidentielle américaine – 20.01

Clinton, Bush, Obama reflect on peaceful transition of power on Biden’s Inauguration Day – The Hill, 20.01

Biden’s Inaugural Speech Won’t Unite the Country. Here’s What Could – Politico, 19.01
Soaring pleas for unity don’t work. Maybe concrete achievements will. – John Harris is the Politico founding editor

The Hardest Inaugural Address in Generations – Politico, 19.01
The past two weeks, Joe Biden can’t fall back on the traditional feel-good inaugural moves. Here’s what he needs to do instead. – Jeff Greenfield is a five-time Emmy-winning network television analyst and author

Biden’s first 100 days: What to expect on Covid-19, the economy and immigration – 19.01

  • US President-elect Joe Biden is set to issue a flurry of executive orders following his inauguration at noon on Wednesday as well as legislation that will quickly begin working its way through Congress on pandemic relief, immigration and much more.

Joe Biden : demain président – 19.01

  • À la veille de l’investiture du 46e président des États-Unis, notre équipe du Débat s’est délocalisée à Washington pour vous faire vivre au plus près cet événement historique. Joe Biden peut-il réconcilier une Amérique plus divisée que jamais ? Disgracié, privé de réseaux sociaux, Donald Trump a-t-il dit son dernier mot ? Raphaël Kahane en discute avec ses invités, mais aussi nos correspondants et nos envoyés spéciaux aux quatre coins du pays.

Change at the White House: Can Joe Biden be the next Roosevelt? – 19.01

  • The stage is set in Washington for what’s gearing up to be a very different handover of power. Against the backdrop of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic in the United States and in a climate of recent tensions sparked by violence and the threat of further turmoil, Joe Biden will raise his hand, read his oath and pick up the reins of power in front of a handful of dignitaries, but huge amounts of security personnel. In our Perspective segment, we spoke to French journalist Mathieu Magnaudeix about covering the Trump presidency and the challenges ahead for Biden.

What is wrong with America? (Part 1) – GlobalFocus Center, 19.01

  • As the Trump era is coming to an end and the Biden era begins, we ask experts about the underlying causes of present turbulence and future prospects. In this episode, sociologists Dani Sandu and Barbu Mateescu discuss socio-economic polarisation, Hutu vs. Tutsi tribalisation, political representation and the future of the Republican and Democrat parties.

Dan Dungaciu: America este în declin. Oare? – 18.01

Biden to focus on nation’s “crises” during first 10 days in office – 18.01

Biden administration: Incoming US President eyes major policy changes – 18.01

Joe Biden pregăteşte „o furtună” de măsuri în primele 10 zile de mandat: Blocarea evacuărilor şi executărilor silite, reintroducerea SUA în Acordul Climatic de la Paris, eliminarea interdicţiei de călătorie pentru ţările musulmane, masca obligatorie, o nouă Lege a Imigraţiei şi planul economic de 1.900 de miliarde de dolari – 18.21

How people will people remember the Trump years? – 17.01

Guatemala cracks down on US-bound migrant caravan – DW, 19.01

  • Police in Guatemala have broken up a group of thousands of migrants from central America who are trying to reach the United States. Officers used batons and shields to force the migrants back towards the Honduran border. The migrants had camped out on a road overnight after authorities stopped them from continuing their journey north. The migrant caravan is heading towards the US to escape an economy battered by the pandemic and hurricanes. They are bound towards Mexico, where the government has already deployed security forces and riot police.

Caravan of Central American migrants heads toward US border – DW, 17.01

  • Thousands of migrants from central America are gathering in Guatemala for an expected push north towards the United States. Mexican border forces are on alert for their arrival. It’s thought the migrants are hoping Joe Biden’s incoming administration will be less tough on migration than the current one.

Hindsight is 2020: An Unprecedented Election – 16.01

  • When a pandemic, a racial reckoning, and rampant misinformation converged, Americans were faced with an election unlike any other. This CBSN documentary follows voters around the country as they grapple with who they’re voting for, how they’re voting and the issues supercharging the stakes.

American Reckoning – 15.01

  • Following the aftermath of the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, “American Reckoning – A PBS NewsHour Special Report” looks at the economic and racial history that led to a political divide between Americans, the impact of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric throughout his presidency and the next steps for the nation to heal from the recent attack on American democracy.

Trump Impeached—Again – FP, 13.01
The U.S. president was impeached on charges of “incitement of insurrection” in a vote that laid bare deep divisions within the Republican Party over its post-Trump future.

Can Trumpism endure without Trump? – 12.01

Miami’s Spanish-Language Media Is Overrun With Trumpist Conspiracies – FP, 12.01
Right-wing Cuban Americans believe they’re fighting U.S. communism. By Nancy San Martín

There is a broader far-right coalition openly advocating for civil war’ – Cynthia Miller-Idriss – 12.01

The Trump Mob Combined the Worst of Left And Right – FP, 11.01
The president’s supporters are full of sound and fury, signifying far less than they claim. By James Traub

White Supremacy Created the Capitol Assault – FP, 11.01
The Trojan horse of racism put democracy’s enemies inside its walls. By Rob Cameron

‘This Is Not Who We Are’ Is a Great American Myth – FP, 8.01
The crisis at the U.S. Capitol shows that Americans lack a shared understanding of their political past and present. Transitional justice can help.

America, Welcome to the Ranks of Struggling Democracies – FP, 7.01
What needs to happen next if U.S. democracy is to survive. By Eric Bjornlund

Decăderea americană pe înțelesul tuturor – Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, 7.01

Fascism Starts With Paramilitary Ties to Mainstream Parties – FP, 10.03
Growing links between U.S. politicians and extremists must be severed. By Lucas Dolan, Simon Frankel Pratt

The militarization of American democracy – Neta Crawford, The Hill, 20.01

Peaceful transfer of power ensues amid massive show of force – 20.01

  • In years past, presidential inaugurations on the National Mall are normally filled with tens of thousands of people. But those crowds were missing for the swearing in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, amid the pandemic and a massive security apparatus that was put in place after violent insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol.

The Military Stayed Out of the Insurrection, but It Isn’t Over Yet – FP, 7.01.21
Trump failed because key Republicans backed down and the military stayed out, yet critical questions remain. By Peter Feaver

The Militarization of U.S. Politics – FA, 29.10.20
How Trump’s Presidency Opened the Door to Armed Electoral Interference. By Aila M. Matanock and Paul Staniland

The Capitol Invasion Was a Coup From Below – FP, 13.01
Trump borrowed from the playbook of his favorite dictator, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, by inciting a mob to launch an insurrection. By Amy Austin Holmes

Yes, It Was a Coup Attempt. Here’s Why – Fiona Hill, Politico, 11.01
What Trump tried is called a “self-coup,” and he did it in slow motion and in plain sight.

Why This Wasn’t a Coup – FP, 6.01
Here’s the right language for what’s happening in Washington—and why the terminology matters. By Jonathan Tepperman

This Is a Coup. Why Were Experts So Reluctant to See It Coming? – FP, 6.01
A political scientist explains why some experts have clung to “It can’t happen here” for too long. By Paul Musgrave

The Founding Fathers Didn’t See This Coming – FP, 6.01
The U.S. Constitution is breaking down in ways that its designers recognized from history—and thought they had guarded against. By Charles Edel

Why Nobody Protected the Capitol – FP, 6.01
The Capitol Police didn’t fail to prepare for an attack. It failed to imagine what kind of attack was coming.

Biden’s Big Day: Senate Control And Support From Pence and McConnell – FP, 5.01
In response, pro-Trump protesters storm the Capitol, forcing Congress into recess.

QAnon Is Trumpism Now – FP, 6.01
The sprawling conspiracy theory is dying—and being reborn as the new normal of the Republican Party. By Justin Ling

The Coming Republican Reckoning With Trump’s Legacy – FP, 3.01.21
Rebuilding Republican credibility in national security will require an honest look at Trumpism—and a return to our party’s foreign-policy principles. By Peter Feaver, Will Inboden

Monopoly Versus Democracy – FA, 1-2.21
How to End a Gilded Age. By Zephyr Teachout


The Quiet and Dangerous Way U.S. Politics Is Becoming Europeanized – FP, 29.12
Americans are aware that Democrats and Republicans have become polarized—but they’ve misunderstood how. By Carlo Invernizzi Accetti

America’s History of Luck Is Running Out – FP, 23.12
The country’s rise was fueled by fortunate circumstances that seem unlikely to last much longer.

Kamala Harris: ‘We Intend To Work Across Party Lines’ – MSNBC, 21.12

Presidential transition process: Understanding the obligations, obstacles, and urgency – Brookings Institution, 15.12

  • On December 14, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted a webinar examining presidential transitions and the obstacles President-elect Joe Biden’s team currently faces. Panelists analyzed the importance of a smooth transition process and key administration staff roles to be filled.

Colegiul Electoral confirmă formal victoria lui Joe Biden la președinția SUA, după ce California și-a exprimat votul – 14.11

President-Elect Biden Addresses Nation – 14.12

Where Is Biden’s Cabinet Heading? – FP, 11.12
The incoming U.S. president’s team doesn’t point in any clear direction, and progressives are worried. By Michael Hirsh

Why Biden Will Lose the Left—and How That Could Help Him – FP, 11.12
The Democratic coalition is already fracturing. But losing his erstwhile allies could actually make it easier to govern—and boost his standing. By Jonathan Tepperman

TIME Person Of The Year: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris – Time, 11.12

Divided We Stand: The Role of the New U.S. Congress in Foreign Policy – GMF, 3.12

Seven key relationships Biden needs on Capitol Hill – 2.12

Exclusive One-On-One With Joe Biden: Extended Interview – NBC, 26.11

The Transition Has Started. Release the Op-Eds! – FP, 24.11
Every four years, Washington’s ideas industry indulges in its favorite ritual: trying—and mostly failing—to influence the next U.S. president. By Steven A. Cook

Trump’s Pentagon Now Vetting Nonpolitical Experts – FP, 24.11
Political-style vetting is now being applied to special government employees and other hard-to-find outside experts. By Jack Detsch

What the Biden administration could do with executive actions – 20.11

Executive Power After Trump – FP, 6.11
A split government could present the Biden administration with some hard choices about the scope of its own authority. By Scott R. Anderson

Joe Biden: The 60 Minutes 2020 Election Interview – 26.10

For Joe Biden, empathy wins the presidency – DW, 7.11

How Life-Sized Joe Biden Could Be a Larger-Than-Life PresidentPolitico, 7.11

Former Vice President Joe Biden – OWN, 20.10.20 / 12.11.17

scena internă

The Biden Agenda: Obstacles and Opportunities – Politico, 7.11

Winning Was the Easy Part – The Atlantic, 7.11
Now Joe Biden needs to repair a badly broken country.

The Biden Era Begins – New Yorker, 7.11
American democracy has survived Donald J. Trump.

America Won – The Atlantic, 7.11
Voters stopped an authoritarian populist from destroying the country’s democratic institutions.

Obama: This is what 72 million votes for Trump says to me – 15.14

The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again – PolicyExchange, 9.11

One America, Two Nations – Richard Haas, 6.11

Yes, Biden Won—but It’s Still Trump’s America – FP, 4.11
Many thought 2016 was a fluke. That’s impossible to argue now. By Jonathan Tepperman

Even If Joe Biden Wins, He Will Govern in Donald Trump’s America – Time, 4.11

Judy Asks: Is the U.S. Election a Make or Break for America? – Carnegie Europe, 29.10
The winner of the 2020 U.S. election will inherit a deeply polarized society, a democracy under immense strain, and the weakened global standing of the United States.

A Deep Dive into the U.S. Elections Results: Where Do Things Stand? – GMF, 5.11

Early Reflections on the Presidential Election – Chatham House, 4.11

Expectations and Analysis from DGAP Experts – 3.11


How Biden plans to govern if Republicans hold the Senate – 11.11

Sanders on disappointing election results for Democrats in Congress – 11.11

US Midterm Elections: What the Results Mean – CH, 7.11
After the Democrats took the House of Representatives and the Republicans retained control of the Senate, four experts weigh in on how the election results will affect President Trump’s agenda, American politics and foreign policy.

How President-Elect Biden Could—Believe It or Not—Help to Heal America – FP, 7.11
For all his flaws, there’s never been a better deal-maker on Capitol Hill, colleagues say. By Michael Hirsh

What Are Biden’s Climate Options if the Senate Stays Republican? – FP, 6.11
A split government would make it harder, but there are many things a president can do. By Jason Bordoff

Biden May Win, but the Left Is Still Fighting for Influence – FP, 6.11
Continued Republican control of the Senate threatens to forestall both progressive cabinet picks and progressive policies. By Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer

If Biden Wins, Progressives Are Getting Their Wish List Ready – FP, 2.11
Internecine tensions within the Democratic Party have been tamped down to defeat Trump—but that truce could be over Wednesday. By Colum Lynch

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