Europa Centrală și de Est (CEE): Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

„Noua ordine” a lui Macron, o capcană pentru Europa Centrală și de Est – Valentin Naumescu, 22.02


A New U.S. Strategy toward Central and Eastern Europe? – GMF, 19.11

The Impact of the US Presidential Election on Central and South-Eastern European Security and Defence – LSE Ideas, 27.11

To Heal the Transatlantic Rift, Biden Should Look to Central and Eastern Europe – FA, 16.11

  • The United States Needs a Foreign Policy That Projects Ideals, Not Power. By Maksym Eristavi
  • U.S. leverage in this region has historically been strong, and Washington’s influence and example are still much needed here.Recent crises have left openings for the United States to renew its diplomatic engagement: the Great COVID-19 Shutdown, a revolution in Belarus, an anticorruption uprising in Bulgaria, wars in Armenia and Ukraine, rising authoritarianism in Hungary and Poland, and a violent protest over a botched election in Georgia are but a few of the recent events that have tested pan-European solidarity and found it wanting. The United States can still be of help to fill that gap.


Biden in the Balkans – FP, 18.11
Fixing Trump’s mistakes in the region will be easy. Avoiding Obama’s will be much harder. By Majda Ruge

Biden Can’t Avoid Erdogan, but He Can Keep the U.S.-Turkish Relationship on Track – FP
Turkey’s leader has caused many headaches in Washington in recent years, but letting ties deteriorate further would be disastrous. By Michael Singh, Sinan Ulgen

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