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Economic Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Principles and Challenges – Linda Yueh, Visiting Professor, LSE IDEAS, 08.20

  • Economic diplomacy in the 21st century will face a different set of challenges stemming from the changed global economy, US-China tensions, as well as a backlash against globalisation, among others. Therefore, the conduct of economic diplomacy, i.e., how a country manages its foreign economic relations including trade and investment, must adapt.
  • The framework for economic diplomacy should seek to balance commercial openness with strategic foreign policy aims, broadly defined. It should situate a country within the 21st century global economy with its new drivers, promote a rules-based system in order to mitigate Great Power tensions, and recognise that all foreign economic policy is ultimately also domestic. There is no one general approach but there are several principles, each with their own challenges, for governments to consider, which is set out in this Strategic Update.

Trista poveste a diplomației economice românești: doar o treime din posturi ocupate, dublă comandă, rupere de economie, sinecuriști – 12.07.20

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