CoV: Efectul (asupra) mediului

despre relația dintre situația de mediu și pandemie

Endangered Species Are Paying the Price of COVID-19 – FP, 12.07
Diminishing tourism has created new incentives for the illegal wildlife trade. By Lindsey Kennedy, Nathan Paul Southern

To Prevent Future Pandemics, Start by Protecting Nature – 10.05.21
We have entered a new era of infectious disease. The path to global health security begins with protecting nature. by Stewart M. Patrick


How COVID-19 & the environmental crisis are linked – Al Jazeera, 22.12

  • In the final episode of #AllHailTheLockdown, Ali Rae speaks with prominent British writer and environmental activist George Monbiot and Brazilian environmental filmmaker Eliane Brum about the links between COVID-19 and our wider ecological crisis. She also speaks with human ecologist William E. Rees, co-creator of the ‘ecological footprint’ concept, to discuss global resource scarcity, habitat fragmentation and why the coronavirus is the wake-up call that can’t be ignored.

UN report says up to 850,000 animal viruses could be caught by humans, unless we protect nature – 29.10.20

Cu cât crește rata mortalității de Covid-19 din cauza poluării – 13.07.20

11.000 de decese evitate în Europa în urma reducerii poluării atmosferice ca rezultat al restricţiilor anti-COVID-19 (studiu) – 30.04.20

We halted the global economy, and emissions still may only fall 4% this year – MIT Technology Review, 10.04.20

Planetary Health and COVID-19: Environmental Degradation as the Origin of the Current Pandemic – ISGlobal, 6.04.20

Are the Reductions in Air Pollution Triggered by the COVID-19 Epidemic Having Health Effects? – ISGlobal, 3.04.20

« Non à un retour à la normale » : de Robert De Niro à Juliette Binoche, l’appel de 200 artistes et scientifiques – 6.05.20

Earth Day’s New Urgency in the Era of COVID-19 – CFR, 20.04.20

Can the Lessons of the Coronavirus Pandemic Be Applied to Climate Change? – CFR, 6.04.20


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