CoV: Reacții ale EUropei la criza COVID-19

resurse despre răspunsurile, politice și economice, date de instituții ale Uniunii Europene și de țări europene la criza COVID-19

Uniunea Europeană > The common EU response to COVID-19

Parlamentul European > The EU’s response to the coronavirus / coronavirus

Consiliul European > Pandemia de COVID-19 provocată de coronavirus și răspunsul UE / COVID-19 / coronavirus

Comisia Europeană > Răspunsul la coronavirus

European Union Exernal Action Service > Coronavirus: latest news on EU actions, repatriation efforts and solidarity stories from around the world

Coronavirus in Europe: Who If Not Us? – ThinkHealthGlobal, 22.04.20
Can the EU balance internal recovery with geopolitical influence and lift its gaze toward the international sphere?

Europe’s Missing Coronavirus Exit Strategy – Carnegie Europe, 14.04.20

Is the Coronavirus Breeding Disinformation Across Europe? – Carnegie Europe, 9.04.20

European Commission supports WHO’s COVID19 response across Eastern Europe and the Caucasus – 2.04.20

Can Europe Become Stronger After the Coronavirus Pandemic? – Carnegie Europe, 26.03.20

How the Coronavirus Is Testing the EU’s Resilience – Carnegie Europe, 25.03.20

The EU Needs a More Comprehensive Vision to Tackle Pandemics – Carnegie Europe, 24.03.20

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