CoV: Cauze, dinamici, efecte, implicații

despre cauzele, dinamicile, efectele și implicațiile pandemiei COVID-19

Has COVID-19 subverted global health? – The Lancet, 5.04.20

A global health crisis? No, something far worse – The Lancet, 2.05.20

Models, Math, and COVID-19: A Public Health Response – ThinkGlobalHealth, 21.04.20

Gender, COVID-19, and NCDs – illuminating men’s neglected vulnerability – NDC Alliance, 20.04.20

What Have Epidemiologists Learned About the Coronavirus? – New Yorker, 16.04.20

How Health Disparities Are Shaping the Impact of COVID-19 – JHSPH, 16.04.20

U.S. Dependence on Pharmaceutical Products From China – CFR, 14.04.20

Will 2020 Be the Year That Medicine Was Saved? – NY Times, 14.04.20

So much is unknown about the pandemic because the government keeps a lid on it – LA Times, 15.04.20

There Is No Devil’s Bargain Between Privacy and Public Health – Foreign Affairs, 13.04.20

The Pandemic Response That Wasn’t – JHSPH, 04.20

The Intersecting Health Disasters of the Pandemic and Its Economic Meltdown – LDI, 04.20

Vulnerable Communities Emerge as Worst Hit by COVID-19 – LDI, 04.20

How we lost our collective memory of epidemics – U. of Cambridge, 28.03.20

How the Pandemic Will End – The Atlantic, 25.03.20

What a Global Health Survey Found Months Before the Coronavirus Pandemic – CFR, 24.03.20

COVID-19: Act Now With a Vision for the Future – ISGlobal, 23.03.20

Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful – The Atlantic, 20.03.20

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming – Wired, 19.03.20

A Virus for the Rich and for the Poor? – 18.03.20

COVID-19: Five Contrasting Public Health Responses to the Epidemic – 17.03.20

Why Could the New Coronavirus be Deadlier for Low-Income Countries? – ISGlobal, 16.03.20

The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming – Nautilus, 12.03.20

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