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Russia Botched Its Early War Propaganda Campaign, but Now It’s Doubling Down – FP, 30.04.22
How Putin’s “zampolits” and the Russian Orthodox Church are spearheading a new agitprop campaign to boost troops’ morale. By Dmitry Adamsky, a professor at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya) in Israel

Russia’s War Crime Denials Are Fuel for More Atrocities – FP, 24.04.22
In Moscow’s myths, Russia is always the victim. By Jade McGlynn, an academic at the Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies , and Ian Garner, a historian and translator of Russian war propaganda

To Prosecute Putin for War Crimes, Safeguard the Digital Proof – FP, 10.04.22
Holding Russia accountable for atrocities in Ukraine requires the painstaking collection and preservation of evidence in the face of rampant disinformation. By Flynn Coleman, an international human rights lawyer and the author of A Human Algorithm

Russia’s Ukraine Propaganda Has Turned Fully Genocidal – FP, 9.04.22
Egged on by the language of annihilation and extermination, Russian soldiers have become willing executioners. By Alexey Kovalev, an investigative editor at Meduza

Putin Is Turning Grieving Mothers Into Propaganda – FP, 31.03.22
Russian fatalities in Ukraine threaten the Kremlin’s narrative. By Lionel Beehner, a director at ReD Associates and former international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the co-editor of Reconsidering American Civil-Military Relations

West Seeks to Pierce Russia’s Digital Iron Curtain – FP, 8.04.22
Governments and media sites are finding creative ways to get the truth about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war to regular Russians. By Amy Mackinnon, a national security and intelligence reporter at Foreign Policy, and Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy

Russia’s Media Is Now Totally in Putin’s Hands – FP, 5.04.22
The destruction of independent outlets is rooted in post-Soviet problems. By Maya Vinokour, an assistant professor in the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies at NYU

Russia and Ukraine Are Fighting for the Legacy of World War II – FP, 26.03.22
Both countries draw on potent wartime myths. By Ian Garner, a historian and translator of Russian war propaganda

Chinese State Media Is Pushing Pro-Russian Misinformation Worldwide – FP, 23.03.22
Ad buys show a pattern of targeting cheaper markets. By Tracy Wen Liu, an author, reporter, and translator

China and Russia are joining forces to spread disinformationDavid Bandurski, Brookings Institution, 11.03.22

False Claims of U.S. Biowarfare Labs in Ukraine Grip QAnon – FP, 2.03.22
The conspiracy theory has been boosted by Russian and Chinese media and diplomats. By Justin Ling, a journalist based in Toronto

Russian Misinformation Is “A Military Assault” on the West – Amanpour and Company, 12.03.22

  • Ukraine’s President Zelensky has warned Russian propagandists they “will be held responsible for complicity with war crimes.” In Russia, access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is now restricted. But Carole Cadwalladr says that trying to ban information is “like trying to ban oxygen.” A journalist for The Guardian, she exposed the harvesting of personal Facebook data for political campaigns, now known as the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Cadwalladr speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about Putin’s information war on Ukraine and the West.

How Russia is spreading blatantly false information about the war in Ukraine – PBS, 11.03.22

  • CIA director William Burns told the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday that he believes Vladimir Putin is losing the “information war” over Ukraine, and this may chip away at his domestic support for the invasion. But what are Russian citizens hearing about the war? Anton Shirikov, who researches misinformation at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, joins William Brangham to discuss.

How U.S. Bioweapons in Ukraine Became Russia’s New Big Lie – FP, 10.03.22
A viral conspiracy theory could be used to justify an attack, the United States says. By Justin Ling, a journalist based in Toronto

Virality Isn’t Victory for Ukraine – FP, 8.03.22
Catchy stories can mislead the public about the war’s future. By Elisabeth Braw, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Russia’s Propaganda Machine Is Faltering Over Ukraine – FP, 8.03.22
A once well-oiled system has been shocked by the war. By Ian Garner, a historian and translator of Russian war propaganda

Limiting Putin’s propaganda: Big tech & the Russia-Ukraine war – gzero, 3.03.22

Ucrainenii, îndemnați să nu folosească WhatsApp, întrucât e ”ascultat” de ruși – 26.02.22

Facebook/ Meta interzice pe platforma sa reclamele presei de stat ruse ”oriunde în lume” – 26.02.22

Russia Launches Social Media Offensive Alongside Missiles – FP, 24.02.22
Telegram has been the main vector for invasion disinformation. By Justin Ling, a journalist based in Toronto

Priyank Mathur: Cum a pregătit Putin terenul pentru război și ce au învățat americanii din tehnicile hibridMagda Grădinaru, spotmedia, 24.02.22

Whistleblower: Russia taps Facebook ‘herds’ to sow division in Ukraine – politico, 23.02.22
Frances Haugen tells Irish lawmakers that in-house content moderation can’t solve the real problem.

Russia Has Taken Over Spanish-Language Airwaves on Ukraine – FP, 9.02.22
Kremlin-owned outlets are winning the information war with Spanish speakers. By Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy’s Pentagon and national security reporter


„R. Moldova- poligon experimental”, un film despre știrile false lansate în stânga Prutului, ca parte a războiului hibrid – 4.02

Ukraine Cracks Down on Its Own Pro-Russian QAnon – FP, 1.04.21
With media bans and treason charges, well-financed conspiracy peddlers are being shut down. By Adrian Karatnycky

Rusia transferă operaţiunile de influenţă unor ferme de trolli din afara graniţelor, arată un raport al Informaţiilor Naţionale din SUA – 28.03

Rusia și războiul informațional: Cum contracarăm propaganda Moscovei? – RFI, 9.03.21

RT, armă de luptă a Kremlinului împotriva democrației. Cum poate fi gestionată situația? – RFI, 8.03.21

Despre ”războiul psihologic” al dezinformării inițiat de Rusia. Raport al Serviciului estonian de informații – RFI, 18.02.21


Rusia și China, convergente în dezinformare iar europenii sunt ținta – RFI, 9.07.20

În vizită la uzina dezinformării patronată de Kremlin – RFI, 19.02.20