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Germany’s Role and Putin’s Escalation Dominance in UkraineDr. Stefan Meister, DGAP, 04.22
Back in 2014, when the second Minsk agreement on Donbas was being finalized, I told Germany’s decision-makers that we needed a plan B because this one was not going to work. Putin would not stop, I said, and this agreement was not going to lead to peace and stability in Ukraine. The reaction was, we have only plan A, and it has to work. That refusal to take reality into account, a refusal to think beyond the current state of crisis, is a typical pattern in German politics of the past decades. It leads directly to Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Germany to Arm Ukraine in Major Policy Reversal – FP, 26.02.22
Berlin will send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to help Kyiv fight off Russia. By Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy’s Pentagon and national security reporter

Modernizing German Foreign PolicyJohn Kampfner, IPQ, 01.22
With a new government in office, modernization and progress are buzzwords in Berlin. But will the rhetoric translate into a new and more courageous approach to foreign policy?


The Next Big Player in the Global Economy Is Christian Lindner – FP, 23.09.21
Three Germans are running to replace Angela Merkel—but it’s someone else who might end up with the most influence. By Sudha David-Wilp

Germania continuă să furnizeze armament Turciei, în ciuda interdicției parțiale aplicate armelor care ar putea fi utilizate în Siria – 3.08.20

relația cu Rusia

Viitorul cancelar al Germaniei, Olaf Scholz, susține că orice amenințare la adresa Ucrainei ar fi „o situație inacceptabilă” – 8.12.21

Germania cere Uniunii Europene să impună sancţiuni împotriva Rusiei în cazul otrăvirii lui Navalnîi – 3.10.20

Ministrul de Externe german spune că nu există ”nicio șansă” ca Rusia să revină în G7 în viitorul apropiat – 27.07.20

relația cu SUA

Germany’s pivot from America – Politico, 20.01.22
To outward appearances, Berlin is far from AWOL on Ukraine. But when the cameras are turned off, Germany’s tone changes.

Germany’s Baerbock Meets Blinken in First Washington Visit – FP, 5.01.22
The Green Party leader faces a challenge in squaring her party’s foreign-policy goals with her two coalition partners. By Colm Quinn, the newsletter writer at Foreign Policy

relația cu China

Germany Nervously Tests the Indo-Pacific Waters – FP, 3.1.22
A quiet frigate deployment is a sign of muddled policy toward Beijing. By Blake Herzinger, a civilian Indo-Pacific defense policy specialist and U.S. Navy Reserve officer

Germany Can Learn From Japan’s China Strategy – FP, 16.11
Berlin should import policies from another economic power in a similar predicament. By Noah Barkin, a managing editor at the Rhodium Group

German Academic Freedom Is Being Decided in Beijing – FP, 28.10
German universities are bowing to China on censorship. That could finally change under the new government. By Andreas Fulda, an associate professor at the University of Nottingham’s School of Politics and International Relations, and David Missal, a human rights activist at the Tibet Initiative Germany

The Undeniable Pessimism of Angela Merkel – FP, 15.07.21
Hovering over Germany’s China policy is a cloud of gloom and fear. By Thorsten Benner, a co-founder and the director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin

Will the United States and Europe Break Up Over China? – FP, 15.07.21
Biden and Merkel will make all the right noises at their meeting this week. But deep transatlantic tensions persist. By Michael Hirsh

Angela Merkel, despre ascensiunea Chinei: Mă îngrijorează că încă nu am reușit să dovedim că democrațiile liberale sunt pe cale să triumfe – 26.07.20

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