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What Lessons Does China Take From Putin’s War? – FP, 7.04.22
A month into the invasion, Beijing is still backing Russia. By ChinaFile Contributors

China Has Ditched Its Own Principles to Back Russia – FP, 7.04.22
Beijing claimed to be opposed to the use of force—until Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. By Julian G. Ku, the Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Law at Hofstra University

Sino-Russian relations after the Kremlin’s attack on UkraineMark Leonard, Kadri Liik, Janka Oertel, ECFR, 2.03.22
How is Russia’s attack on Ukraine perceived in China? Will Russia and China be joining forces in an ‘alliance of autocracies’? What does Russian and Chinese policymakers planning look like now – and what should Europeans do?

Games changer: How China is rewriting global rules and Russia is playing alongJanka Oertel, ECFR, 23.02.22
Beijing and Moscow are unlikely to rush to each other’s aid during a military escalation, be it in Ukraine or over Taiwan. But the enabling environment of their mutual diplomatic support matters greatly.

Ukraine is severe test of China’s new axis with RussiaYu Jie, Chatham House, 28.02.22
Beijing will tread carefully, and weigh up whether its strategic alliance with Moscow is worth the cost of this reckless invasion.


Chinese State Media Is Pushing Pro-Russian Misinformation Worldwide – FP, 23.03.22
Ad buys show a pattern of targeting cheaper markets. By Tracy Wen Liu, an author, reporter, and translator

Could Russia evade Western sanctions, benefiting China? – DW, 16.03.22

  • China says the impact of sanctions on Russia will have a limited effect on its own economy. With regards to facilitating trade with Russia after the country’s exit from the Swift global payment system. Beijing is offering a workaround using the Chinese CIPS system although it can only process payments in Yuan. The Chinese government also promises support for financial markets to keep them stable amidst ongoing crises.

Guerre en Ukraine : Xi Jinping va-t-il voler au secours de Poutine ? – FRANCE 24, 13.03.22

  • La position de la Chine est ambigüe depuis le début de la guerre. Pékin n’a pas pris part aux sanctions internationales. Entre les deux voisins, les affaires continuent.

China and Russia are joining forces to spread disinformationDavid Bandurski, Brookings Institution, 11.03.22

War in Ukraine: whose side is China on? – The Economist, 11.03.22

  • China won’t endorse Russia’s war in Ukraine, but it also won’t condemn it. Whose side is China really on? Our expert discusses China’s stance on the conflict

Could China mediate the Ukraine war? – Asia Times, 9.03.22
America’s overreach and Russia’s overreaction make possible a diplomatic revolution

China blames NATO for pushing Russia-Ukraine tension to ‘breaking point’ – Reuters, 9.03.22

Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare – FP, 4.03.22
Beijing is watching closely. And it doesn’t like what it sees.
By Craig Singleton, a senior China fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a former U.S. diplomat

Did Russia Catch China Off Guard in Ukraine? – FP, 2.03.22
Beijing may have at least bought Moscow’s narrative of a quick invasion. By James Palmer, a deputy editor at Foreign Policy

China’s Propaganda Over Ukraine Is Shifting and Uncertain – FP, 1.03.22
Beijing is backing Moscow—but less so than in the early days of war. By Tracy Wen Liu, an author, reporter, and translator

Putin’s War Has Killed China’s Eurasian Railway Dreams – FP, 1.03.22
The iron silk road was a key part of the Belt and Road Initiative. By Andreea Brinza, the vice president of the Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific

China and Russia’s Friendship in Ukraine Is Without Benefits – FP, 26.02.22
Will Russia’s invasion make or break the relationship between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin? By Melinda Liu, Newsweek’s Beijing bureau chief

Putin puts China in a bind – politico, 24.02.22
Beijing enjoys bashing NATO, but Putin’s disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty and his support for secessionists will play badly in China.

China’s Murky Position on Ukraine – FP, 23.02.22
Beijing has indicated tacit support of Moscow, but there is some uncertainty behind the scenes. By James Palmer, a deputy editor at Foreign Policy

Chinese Support for a Russian Attack on Ukraine Cannot Be Cost-Free – FP, 15.02.22
Beijing backing Moscow should trigger a rethink of China-European relations. By Bonnie S. Glaser, director of the Asia program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and Andrew Small, a senior trans-Atlantic fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States’ Asia program

Don’t Buy the Xi-Putin Hype – FP, 8.02.22
Beijing went out of its way to downplay the summit’s significance, revealing a potential wedge for the West. By Craig Singleton, a senior China fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a former U.S. diplomat