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The EU Can Walk a Tightrope on Admitting Ukraine – FP, 24.03.22
Brussels should learn from its experience in the Western Balkans. By Henrik Larsen, a senior researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Se rupe lanţul prieteniei. Grupul de la Vişegrad este divizat: V4 s-a transformat în V2+2. Ungaria şi Polonia au luat mai multe măsuri în ultimii ani ce le-au îndepărtat de curentul principal al Uniunii Europene, în timp ce Cehia şi Slovacia au făcut reforme şi sunt văzute drept democraţii liberale în UE – zf, 8.01.22


Europe Is Fighting Over Its Fiscal Future – FP, 22.09
France and Italy want to fend off the frugals and make COVID-19-era budget flexibility a feature, not a bug. By Michele Barbero, an Italian journalist based in Paris

Europeans Want to Stay Out of the New Cold War – FP, 22.09
New polling shows that Europeans think a struggle between Washington and Beijing is unavoidable—but want no part of it. By Ivan Krastev, the chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Mark Leonard, the co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations

”Independența politică” și ”suveranitatea tehnologică”, priorități ale Franței la conducerea UE – rfi, 9.09

The Slow but Steady Strengthening of Europe’s Values – FP, 19.08
Democratic principles were largely irrelevant to the EU’s founding—but are at the center of the project today. By Caroline de Gruyter, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a Europe correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad

How ambassadors took over the EU – Politico, 24.06

Is Europe Any Good at Soft Power? – FP, 14.06
The increasingly aggressive authoritarianism of Belarus is an acute test of the EU’s diplomatic self-image. By Caroline de Gruyter, a Europe correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and a columnist at Foreign Policy

Sfârșitul erei unanimității în Uniunea Europeană? – RFI, 9.06

Ziua Europei – Iohannis: Provocările nu diminuează, ci reconfirmă relevanţa proiectului european – 9.05

Towards a strategic agenda for the E3 – CH, 28.04
Opportunities and risks for France, Germany and the UK

The EU’s Next Big Problem Is Switzerland – FP, 22.04
Europe is facing its first post-Brexit test of how tough it should be with its close neighbors. By Caroline de Gruyter

„Suveranitatea europeană”: ce promovează liderii și ce înțeleg europenii – RFI, 2.03


The Arab Spring Changed Everything—in Europe – FP, 24.12.20
A decade after Arabs started a regional revolution, it’s the neighboring continent that will never be the same. By Anchal Vohra

Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe’s capacity to actMark Leonard, Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR, 1.12.20


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