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The power of youth. The driving force for change after COVID-19 – OECD

Anul European al Tineretului 2022 va fi dedicat nevoilor tinerilor după pandemie – 8.12.21

The pandemic’s housing crisis splintered the American Dream into 4 different versions. Say goodbye to the white picket fence – Bloomberg, 14.11

Eat the rich! Why millennials and generation Z have turned their backs on capitalism – The Guardian, 21.09

South Korea Is No Country for Young People – FP, 5.11
“Squid Game” reflects a landscape of despair. By Katrin Park, a development expert and freelance writer

South Korea’s millennials say their lives aren’t that different from ‘Squid Game’ as they face a crisis of mounting debt, unaffordable homes, and dead-end jobs – Insider, 21.10

Africa’s Youth Unemployment Crisis Is a Global Problem – FP, 19.10
Governments and donors must stop focusing solely on skills development and entrepreneurship—or risk more youth migration, unrest, and terrorism. By Audrey Donkor, a writer and international affairs analyst from Ghana

America’s Hollow Africa Policy – FP, 16.09
Washington’s focus on stability over human rights is alienating Africa’s youth. By Socrates Mbamalu, a reporter based in Lagos, Nigeria

Africa’s Disappointed Demographic – FP, 1.09
Young people across the continent have been hit hard by the pandemic, lockdowns, and economic stagnation—but their protests have largely been ignored by elderly elites. By Lynsey Chutel, the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly Africa Brief

Horizons politiques : les nouvelles générations prêtes au changement – France24, 27.08

  • En France, le désamour des jeunes pour la politique se renforce : 87 % d’entre eux ne sont pas allés voter lors du dernier scrutin régional. Pourtant, ils n’ont jamais été aussi préoccupés par leur avenir, et notamment par la question du réchauffement climatique. Pour parler du rapport de la jeunesse française à la politique, nous avons rencontré Flora Ghebali, autrice de “Ma génération va changer le monde”.

French youth: Politically active but not voting – France24, 27.08

  • According to the latest figures, just 13 percent of 18-24 year olds turned out to vote in the 2021 municipal elections in France. Yet, rather than a sign of apathy, this lack of engagement seems more akin to an act of defiance. Especially when it comes to addressing their primary concern – the environment. To hear more about it, we meet activist and entrepreneur, Flora Ghebali, who’s released an essay entitled “My generation will change the world”.

Gen Z Reclaims the Palestinian Cause – FP, 25.05
Youth activists on both sides of the Green Line have taken up the mantle abandoned by their ostensible leaders. By Dalia Hatuqa, a multimedia journalist based in the United States and the West Bank.

Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up – The Atlantic,13.05
Today’s economic conditions are not just holding Millennials back. They are stratifying them, leading to unequal experiences within the generation as well as between it and other cohorts. By Annie Lowrey

Coronavirusul distruge viitorul tinerei generaţii – DW, 12.05
Efecte colaterale ale pandemiei de coronavirus lasă urme de durată în toate domeniile vieţii. Dar un grup se simte în mod special pierdut şi lăsat în urmă, consideră Salome Gongadze.

Schimbările climatice, nu pandemia, principala îngrijorare a tinerilor europeni, potrivit unui sondaj realizat la comanda Biroului European de Mediu – 21.04

Young Belarusians Dream of Creating a Normal European Country – FP, 11.03A generation of entrepreneurs and artists are facing prison sentences. By Daniel Polansky

Is Democracy in Crisis? Hans Kundnani on Democratic Backsliding – CG, 16.02

  • Young people’s faith in democratic politics is lower than any other age group, and millennials across the world are more disillusioned with democracy than previous generations were at the same age. The extent to which democracy can be seen as under threat is very much up for debate.
  • In this webinar, Hans Kundnani from the Europe Programme at Chatham House provides his perspective on the strength of democracy in Europe, stressing the importance of distinguishing between liberalism and democratic systems. Hans was speaking at the launch of the Common Futures Conversations challenge on democratic backsliding, which is taking place throughout February 2021.


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