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Cele trei axe ale președinției franceze a Consiliului Uniunii Europene, menționate de Macron: „Relansare, putere, apartenență” – 7.12.21

2021 Strategic Foresight Report – CE, 9.21

  • Shaping and securing the EU’s Open Strategic Autonomy by 2040 and beyond – CE, 9.21
  • The second annual Strategic Foresight Report, ‘The EU’s capacity and freedom to act’, presents a forward-looking and multidisciplinary perspective on important trends affecting the EU’s capacity and freedom to act in the coming decades, including: climate change and other environmental challenges, digital hyperconnectivity and technological transformations, pressure on democracy and values, as well as shifts in the global order and demography. It addresses emerging issues, uncertainties and choices that will shape the future of Europe and the world, and sheds light on possible policy responses for the EU’s open strategic autonomy. The 2021 Strategic Foresight Report has also identified 10 strategic areas where the EU can strengthen its capacity and freedom to act.

Why Europe needs a Strategic GPS Monika Panayotova, ECFR, 4.06
In addition to a Strategic Compass that sets its direction of travel, the EU also needs a ‘GPS’ to help it determine its location and speed

UE şi India îşi revigorează parteneriatul pentru a face faţă Chinei şi a combate pandemia – 9.05

Why the EU needs an industrial strategyHannes Swoboda, ECFR, 26.05
When the EU is dependent on external suppliers for its green and digital transitions, and for protecting its citizens’ health, it is in a weak geopolitical position

Comisia Europeană a adoptat actualizarea noii Strategii industriale 2020 pentru o piață unică mai puternică, îndeosebi în perioade de criză – Calea Europeană, 5.05

Entuziasm moderat în Parlamentul European față de noua Strategie industrială a UE / PPE: Lasă de dorit, ar fi trebuit să existe mult mai multe planificări / Verzii critică „lipsa de curaj” a Comisiei Europene: Se mulțumește să lanseze doar proiecte-pilot – 5.05

Care sunt principalele direcții de acțiune ale Președinției portugheze a Consiliului UE / Puncte comune și diferențe între planurile portugheze și cele ale Parlamentului European – 29.01

Repararea diferențelor Est-Vest din UE – FT, 4.01


Sovereign Europe, hostile world: In conversation with HRVP Josep Borrell – 21.12.20

  • The EU’s High Representative, Josep Borrell, and Mark Leonard will discuss why strategic autonomy matters, looking at ECFR’s major contribution to the debate – Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe’s capacity to act – as well as the three regions where Europe’s strategic interests are most at stake: Asia, the Eastern Neighbourhood, and the Southern Neighbourhood.

EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen delivers speech on her vision for Europe – 2.12.20

  • EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen delivers speech on her vision for Europe as tech industry and government officials gather for the annual Web Summit in Lisbon.

A Europe for everybody with EC president – 2.12.20

A more cohesive Europe – 2.12.20

Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe’s capacity to actMark Leonard, Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR, 1.12.20

EU Ambassadors’ Conference – EC, 10.11.20

  • The conference brings together EU Ambassadors from the EU`s 143 EU Delegations and Offices around the world, in addition to the heads of EU military and civilian operations and the heads of the European Commission Representations in the 27 EU Member States. 
  • Sessions include multilateralism in an increasingly multi-polar environment and how to uphold the rules-based international order; the EU’s leading role in global climate action; the global response to the coronavirus; the EU’s Security and Defence agenda; enhancing trade and the EU’s strategic autonomy; and on promoting democracy, human rights and gender equality in an age of disinformation and battles of narratives. The event will also discuss migration policy, promoting the EU’s outreach to international partners, and enhancing the EU`s public diplomacy efforts.

Europe’s Strategic Choices 2020 – Chatham House, 5.11.20

  • This year’s conference will consider the possible impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on Europe’s future and how it interacts with what was an already highly-charged political environment, including the US presidential election, increasingly difficult to navigate geopolitical tensions and the perennial challenge of delivering growth and social wellbeing alongside structural changes in the European and global economy. 

Commission unveils its first Strategic Foresight Report: charting the course towards a more resilient Europe – EC, 9.09.20

  • Today, the European Commission adopted its first-ever Strategic Foresight Report, aiming to identify emerging challenges and opportunities to better steer the European Union’s strategic choices. Strategic foresight will inform major policy initiatives. It will support the Commission in designing future-proof policies and legislation that serves both the current needs and longer-term aspirations of European citizens. The 2020 Report presents the rationale for using foresight in EU policy-making, and introduces a comprehensive concept of EU resilience.
  • 2020 Strategic Foresight Report

Questions and Answers: The first annual Strategic Foresight Report – towards a more resilient Europe – EC, 9.09.20

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