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Uniunea Europeană prelungește sancțiunile împotriva Chinei cu încă un an din cauza abuzurilor împotriva uigurilor musulmani – 7.12.21

Germany Can Learn From Japan’s China Strategy – FP, 16.11
Berlin should import policies from another economic power in a similar predicament. By Noah Barkin, a managing editor at the Rhodium Group

Will Europe Ever Really Confront China? – FP, 15.10
The Biden administration is gearing up for a long-term struggle in China—but shouldn’t expect its closest allies by its side. By Stephen M. Walt, a columnist at Foreign Policy and the Robert and Renée Belfer professor of international relations at Harvard University

Președintele chinez Xi Jinping, laude la adresa cancelarului german Angela Merkel, numind-o „prietenă veche” a Chinei – 13.10

Europeans Want to Stay Out of the New Cold War – FP, 22.09
New polling shows that Europeans think a struggle between Washington and Beijing is unavoidable—but want no part of it. By Ivan Krastev, the chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Mark Leonard, the co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations

The China-Lithuania Rift Is a Wake-Up Call for Europe – FP, 22.09
China is bullying Lithuania. The EU and NATO should push back. By Franklin D. Kramer, a distinguished fellow and on the board of the Atlantic Council, and Hans Binnendijk, a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council

Is Lithuania the West’s First Line of Defense? – FP, 10.09
The small Baltic nation is facing down threats from authoritarian regimes in Russia, Belarus, and China. By Emma Ashford, a senior fellow in the New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, and Matthew Kroenig, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Pressured By China, Lithuania Won’t Back Down Over Taiwan – FP, 7.09
Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said his country is working to find a diplomatic solution. By Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy

Serbia intră sub „ocupație chineză”, iar oamenii locului plătesc un preț greu pentru asta – dw, 11.09

How Serbia Became China’s Dirty-Energy Dumping Ground – FP, 15.07
Belgrade is vital to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. But as China takes over old industrial sites, Serbian citizens are suffering the environmental consequences. By Vuk Vuksanovic, a Ph.D. researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science

The Undeniable Pessimism of Angela Merkel – FP, 15.07
Hovering over Germany’s China policy is a cloud of gloom and fear. By Thorsten Benner, a co-founder and the director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin

Gigantul polonez Orlen priveşte către piaţa chineză – ZF, 13.07

Italy Has Learned a Tough Lesson on China – FP, 24.06
Old Western alliances are back on the table after a 2019 deal failed. By Ludovica Meacci, a freelance China researcher, focused on European Union-China relations

Will Europe Get Tough on China? – FP, 17.06
The latest G-7 summit shows Biden could be more successful than Trump in courting allies to counter Beijing. By James Palmer

Decizii la summitul NATO de la Bruxelles: China, pusă pe aceeași poziție cu Rusia – abordare unitară a Occidentului față de Beijing – CdG, 14.06

Munich Security Report: Is China a partner, rival or both? – DW, 9.06
The world’s democracies are in a competition of systems, above all with China. But global challenges like climate change and arms control require cooperation. The latest Munich Security Report seeks to find the balance.

Decizie aprobată: Ungaria donează Chinei un teren în Budapesta pentru a construi o universitate considerată „un cal troian” în Europa – digi24, 15.06

Anger grows in Hungary over China’s university plans in Budapest – DW, 16.06

  • A new partnership between Beijing and Budapest has angered Hungarian taxpayers who will have to carry the nearly one billion euro financial burden.
  • China is building a European campus of its Shanghai-based Fudan University. Not only are Hungarians to pick up the tab, but no local contractors will get to work on the project. Most Hungarians oppose the plan, and anger is growing against Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Thousands have taken to the streets of the capital to protest their government’s cooperation with an authoritarian regime.
  • According to government documents obtained by the Hungarian investigative media outlet “Direkt36,” the Chinese campus will be financed by a 1.3 billion Euro loan, paid for by Hungarian taxpayers.
  • The journalist behind the report sees other worrying implications for the project. Szabolcs Panyi says Hungary’s intensifying ties with China create a friendly environment for Chinese intelligence. During various visits with his Chinese counterparts over the past decade, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been openly pursuing an “Eastern Opening strategy” in the hopes of attracting Chinese investment.

Scandal în Slovacia după ce directorul unui institut chinez l-a amenințat pe un expert slovac în probleme legate de China – 27.04

Acordul de investiții UE-China a fost îngropat. Ce urmează? – RFI, 6.05

Angela Merkel: Acordul UE-China este important, în pofida tensiunilor actuale – 5.05

Scandalul sancțiunilor a forțat UE să-și reevalueze strategia față de China. Răspunsul diplomatic dur al Beijingului marchează un punct de răscruce în relațiile cu Bruxelles-ul – FT, 1.04

China and Europe Are Breaking Over Human Rights – FP, 29.03
Europe’s leaders w*ant autonomy to strike deals with Beijing, but public outcry over the Uyghurs is forcing their hand. By Eyck Freymann, Elettra Ardissino

China goes after Western retailers over Xinjiang cotton – DW, 25.03

UE impune sancțiuni Chinei – 22.03

China Hits Back at Western Sanctions – FP, 24.03
With officials held to account for atrocities in Xinjiang, Beijing has enacted scattershot retaliatory measures against U.S. allies.

UE a anunțat sancționarea Chinei pentru încălcarea drepturilor omului, gest fără precedent în ultimii 30 de ani. Myanmar și Turcia, aflate și ele pe lista neagră – 22.03

EU-China deal spells trouble for Macron at home – Politico, 18.03

Chinese investments in Europe fuel debate over dependency on China – DW News, 24.02

  • When Germany sent medical personnel and equipment to Portugal, the goal was to assist a fellow EU member with its COVID-19 crisis. But now it seems the mission has also been helping a Chinese-owned company running a luxury hospital in Lisbon., fueling the debate over Chinese expansion and influence in Europe.

Marea Britanie va solicita ONU să investigheze abuzurile comise împotriva uigurilor – 22.02

China detronează Statele Unite și devine primul partener comercial al UE – 15.02

Iuliu Winkler, despre acordul UE-China: China este atât de mare încât nu o putem ocoli. Trebuie să avem o relație bazată pe reguli – 11.02

Ofensiva Chinei în Europa Centrală şi de Est – Cristian Roșu, 11.03

Baltic vs. Beijing: Lithuania, Estonia snub Xi’s eastern summit – Politico, 5.02
Baltic states have to keep a close eye on relations with the US, which guarantees their security through NATO.

The EU’s front line with China: Stockholm – Politico, 10.02
Beijing is threatening retaliation over Sweden’s ban on Huawei and ZTE in 5G contracts.

Fears over China’s forced labor loom over EU solar power – Politico, 10.02
Panels include components produced in a Chinese region where there are forced labor concerns.

Macron: EU shouldn’t gang up on China with US – Politico, 4.02

China’s Transatlantic Wedge Strategy – AmericanPurpose, 3.02
European Parliamentarian and former co-chairman of the German Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer speaks with American Purpose about Beijing’s Europe strategy and how the EU isn’t even close to getting over Trump’s offenses.

Experts Demand Suspension of EU-China Investment Deal – Der Spiegel, 25.01
More than a hundred experts are demanding an end to the EU-China investment agreement, DER SPIEGEL has learned. They name serious human rights violations and the suppression of democracy movements in China as the reasons.

Europe Is Getting Closer to China, But Biden Can Pull It Back – FP, 21.01
In negotiations with Beijing over a new investment treaty, Brussels has asserted its autonomy from Washington. A human rights focus could repair the transatlantic rift. By Joseph de Weck, Eyck Freymann

UK’s pitch to Biden: We’ll work with you on China – Politico, 19.01
London hopes to distinguish itself from Brussels, whose new investment deal with Beijing has gone down badly with the Biden team.

UK sees off rebel MPs over ‘genocide’ amendment targeting China – Politico, 19.01

Time for Europe and US to work together on China – Politico, 19.01
Disputes among allies will only give China a leg up. – Peter Beyer is a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lawmaker in the Bundestag and the German government’s transatlantic coordinator.

Why Europe’s China deal will poison transatlantic relations – Politico, 14.01
Concerns about Europe’s attitude toward Beijing are spoiling an otherwise rosy EU-US debut.

Trade deal allows Chinese staff to work in EU for 3 years – Politico, 13.01

Australia offers Europe a warning on a trade deal with China – Politico, 8.01
Is Beijing’s signature worth the paper it’s written on?

A China Strategy to Reunite America’s Allies – CH, 7.01
The European Union’s decision to sign an investment accord makes it clear that China’s geopolitical heft and allure of trade and investment are tempting.

China creează o falie între Europa și SUA – WP, 4.01


EU-China investment deal hits a snag as US exerts pressure – Politico, 22.12
Europe’s attempts to secure an accord with Beijing before January risk undermining both its credibility on human rights and cooperation with the incoming Biden administration.

China’s gateway to Europe – the New Silk Road – DW, 8.12

  • The “New Silk Road” is an enormous Chinese international development project. It’s a trade network that involves Asia, Africa, and Europe — and more than 70 countries are already involved. It may turn the old world order upside down.
  • China is investing in bridges, port facilities, railroads, and roads around the world. Beijing is spending several hundred billion euros on what it calls the “Silk Road Economic Belt.” Chinese President Xi Jinping says the project will provide development opportunities and wealth for China and the entire world.
  • After the financial crisis in Greece, no European country wanted to invest there — but China saw an opportunity, and bought shares in the port of Piraeus. By 2016, Beijing owned a majority of shares. The Greek dockworkers’ union still finds it hard to accept that the port no longer belongs to Greece.
  • In 2019, Italy joined the Silk Road project — and signed a memorandum of understanding with China on development of the port of Trieste. But critics warn that the “Silk Road” project will allow Beijing to spread its influence around the world. Europe is divided between those who favor such cooperation, and those who oppose it.

Responding to the China challenge: The state of play on investment screening in Europe – ECFR, 26.11
The EU has taken a major step forward in protecting its interests from harmful foreign investments and takeovers. Follow ECFR’s new tracker to keep up to date with this important geopolitical challenge.

Western democracies united – ECFR, 10.11
With Joe Biden moving into the White House, the United States and Europe should strive for a common China policy

The new China consensus: How Europe is growing wary of Beijing – ECFR, 7.09

Primul acord comercial bilateral semnificativ între UE și China, adoptat – 20.07.20

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