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Are nevoie România de un general în fruntea guvernului? – DW, 25.10
În vremuri normale, democrațiile își țin militarii departe de politică. Un general în fruntea guvernului sugerează că politicul e depășit, că nu mai are resurse și că doar o mână forte mai poate scoate țara din criză

Viceamiralul lor versus colonelul nostru. De ce campania de vaccinare a Portugaliei a fost un succes planetar, în timp ce a României un eșec (la fel de planetar) – hotnews, 6.10.21

Don’t worry about the French military – Politico, 14.05
Open letters warning of civil war don’t represent the rank and file, which remains apolitical and committed to their jobs. – Jérôme Pellistrandi is a retired French general and chief editor at the magazine Revue Défense Nationale.

Erosion by Deference: Civilian Control and the Military in PolicymakingPolina Beliakova, Texas National Security Review, vara 2021

Jeffrey McCausland: Erodarea relației civil-militar, pericol pentru democrația americană – RFI, 3.06.21

Those Who Don’t Investigate the Past Are Doomed to Repeat It – FP, 7.06.21
The U.S. government has rejected the chance to study this year’s insurrection. They’ll soon regret the decision. By Stephen M. Walt, the Robert and Renée Belfer professor of international relations at Harvard University and a columnist for Foreign Policy

The Military Revolt Against Joe Biden – FP, 12.05.21
An open letter by former officers calling the president a “Marxist” dictator is a greater threat to U.S. democracy than the ouster of Liz Cheney. By Peter Feaver

9/11 Was a Wake-Up Call. America Is Still Snoozing After the Capitol Assault – FP, 22.03.21
Domestic extremism is the greatest threat to the homeland—yet it’s not getting nearly enough public attention. By Elise Labott

Fascism Starts With Paramilitary Ties to Mainstream Parties – FP, 10.03.21
Growing links between U.S. politicians and extremists must be severed. By Lucas Dolan, Simon Frankel Pratt

The militarization of American democracy – Neta Crawford, The Hill, 20.01.21

Peaceful transfer of power ensues amid massive show of force – 20.01.21

  • In years past, presidential inaugurations on the National Mall are normally filled with tens of thousands of people. But those crowds were missing for the swearing in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, amid the pandemic and a massive security apparatus that was put in place after violent insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Now Is a Bad Time to Weaken Civilian Control Over the Military – FP, 13.01.21
Biden’s nomination of a retired general to head the Pentagon reinforces a dangerous trend. His confirmation must come with concrete safeguards. By Jim Golby

The Military Stayed Out of the Insurrection, but It Isn’t Over Yet – FP, 7.01.21
Trump failed because key Republicans backed down and the military stayed out, yet critical questions remain. By Peter Feaver

The Militarization of U.S. Politics – FA, 29.10.20
How Trump’s Presidency Opened the Door to Armed Electoral Interference. By Aila M. Matanock and Paul Staniland

America’s Politicized Military Is a Recipe for Disaster – FP, 15.07.20
Message to both sides: Keep the military (and retired generals) out of politics and elections. By Jim Golby

Coronavirus Crisis Drives Bolsonaro to Play Politics With the Military – FP, 27.04
Brazil’s controversial president is again looking to lean on the military for support amid a political crisis. By Jack Detsch and Augusta Saraiva

Don’t Underestimate China’s Military-Civil Fusion Efforts – FP, 4.02
Beijing’s vision is clear, even if its implementation isn’t complete. By Emily Weinstein