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  • The Biden Agenda – News and analysis about the administration’s policies—and the people putting them into practice – FP
  • The Biden Power Map. An interactive guide to key players across seven foreign-policy priorities – FP, 30.04.21

Is Joe Biden Missing a Team of Rivals? – FP, 22.09
The U.S. president appointed longtime staffers to his most powerful foreign-policy roles—and is now suffering the consequences. By James Traub, a columnist at Foreign Policy and nonresident fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation

Biden Loses Top Pentagon Asia Hand – FP, 22.07
Yet more turnover at the Pentagon for the administration. By Jack Detsch

Biden Looks to Progressive for Key Human Rights Post – FP, 21.04
Sarah Margon has been an outspoken critic of authoritarian allies of the United States. By Robbie Gramer, Jack Detsch

The Sullivan Model – FP, 9.04
Jake Sullivan, Biden’s “once-in-a-generation intellect,” is facing a once-in-a-generation challenge. By Elise Labott

Officials Blame Election Drama for Biden’s Slow Staffing – FP, 12.03
Lawmakers want Biden to speed up filling senior diplomatic posts. By Robbie Gramer

Meet Biden’s Middle East Team – FP, 5.03
Brett McGurk, who served under Bush, Obama, and Trump, is bringing aboard a Middle East team to the National Security Council that includes several former staffers from the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State. By Jack Detsch, Robbie Gramer

State Dept. Out to Tackle Diversity Failings With New Appointment – FP, 12.04
Career diplomat Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley will be tasked with reversing the department’s record of big promises and little results. By Robbie Gramer

How to Do Diversity Reforms Right – FP, 22.02
Decades of attempts to remodel the State Department haven’t worked—here’s why and how to do better this time. By Christopher Richardson

Why Everyone Likes Katherine Tai – FP, 10.02
Biden’s nominee to be U.S. trade representative is admired on both sides of the aisle, but she faces some of the toughest conditions ever when it comes to winning over the rest of the world. By Michael Hirsh

Everybody loves Tony: New secretary of State gets high marks — for now – Politico, 2.02
Antony Blinken’s warm welcome at Foggy Bottom may be tested by career officials seeking recognition.

Let 100 Foreign Services Bloom – FP, 1.02
Creating new cadres will open doors for underrepresented communities—and for better engagement abroad. By Sagatom Saha

Who Robert Malley Is—and Isn’t – FP, 16.02
The Biden administration’s Iran envoy has become an object of controversy—for good reasons and bad. By James Traub

Biden Taps Obama Administration Diplomat as New Iran Envoy – FP, 29.01
Robert Malley, who has faced sharp criticisms from Republican lawmakers, will be tasked with trying to get Iran back to the negotiating table on its nuclear program. By Robbie Gramer, Jack Detsch

What a New Iran Nuclear Deal Really Requires – FP, 27.01
To get Washington’s Gulf partners on board, Biden needs an actual strategy for protecting them and ways to make them contribute to it. By Bilal Y. Saab

Biden’s U.N. Pick Assembles Team of Foreign-Policy Veterans – FP, 26.01
Linda Thomas-Greenfield is staffing her New York and Washington offices with a range of career and political foreign-policy hands with extensive experience in U.N. affairs. By Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer

Senate confirms Biden’s intel chief, giving him first Cabinet official – The Hill, 20.01

Capitol Assault Dominates Hearing for Biden’s Spy Chief – FP, 19.01
Avril Haines vowed to keep politics out of intelligence.

după inaugurare

How Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration will impact Biden’s administration – 20.01

  • Kamala Harris is making history as being the first woman to become vice president of the United States. She’s also the first person of color to hold the office. Christina Greer, an author and professor of political science at Fordham University, joins CBSN to discuss the historic day.

Kamala Harris breaks another glass ceiling becoming US Vice-President – 20.01

  • Joe Biden has been sworn in today as the 46th President of the United States, as has Kamala Harris become Vice-President, taking the reins of a country divided after four years of Donald Trump. But who is Kamala harris ?

Kamala Harris vice-présidente des États-Unis : l’ascension d’une pionnière – 20.01

  • La colistière de Joe Biden entrera dans l’Histoire mercredi. Elle deviendra officiellement la première femme vice-présidente des États-Unis, lorsqu’elle aura prêté serment à Washington. De parents immigrés, Kamala Harris est souvent dépeinte comme une “Obama au féminin”. Portrait.  

Why aren’t more Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Biden’s Cabinet? – Former Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.), The Hill, 20.01

After a Century of Lobbying, Women Are Finally Getting Top Jobs in Washington – FP, 20.01
Instead of talking about “binders full of women,” the new president has appointed several key female leaders in the national security agencies—but the U.S. government is still a long way from gender parity. By Rebecca C. Turkington

It Takes More Than a Diverse Cabinet to Advance a Feminist Foreign Policy – FP, 20.01
The Biden administration must move beyond superficial inclusion and actively promote gender equality globally while seeking to reverse the harm done in the name of forever wars. By Toni Haastrup, Paul Kirby

Secretary of State Nominee Antony Blinken Opening Statement – 19.09

Blinken Faces Grilling at Senate Confirmation Hearing – FP, 19.01
Biden’s picks for secretaries of state, defense, and the treasury all go before Senate Committees today. By Colm Quinn

How Tony Blinken’s Stepfather Changed the World—and Him – Politico, 19.01
Samuel Pisar was a Holocaust survivor who pushed rival nations to engage in commerce, and he left an imprint on the likely next secretary of State.

Senate hearing to consider Janet Yellen as Biden’s Secretary of Treasury – 19.01

Biden Introduces Members of his Science Team – 18.01

Under Burns, the CIA Gets a New Focus – FP, 15.01
Biden’s pick for the agency’s director shows that diplomacy is back. By Aaron David Miller, Daniel C. Kurtzer

Biden Taps Career Diplomat William Burns as CIA Director – FP, 11.01
The final big name for Biden’s national security team signals a break with the CIA’s dark past. By Jack Detsch, Amy Mackinnon, Robbie Gramer

Now Is a Bad Time to Weaken Civilian Control Over the Military – FP, 13.01
Biden’s nomination of a retired general to head the Pentagon reinforces a dangerous trend. His confirmation must come with concrete safeguards. By Jim Golby

Biden Names Former U.N. Envoy to Head USAID, Beefs Up Asia Staff – FP, 13.01
Samantha Power, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., will seek to revive a troubled agency, while Obama-era veterans Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner get top Asia jobs. By Jack Detsch, Amy Mackinnon

Biden Makes His First Bold Move on Asia – FP, 13.01
The appointment of Kurt Campbell as Biden’s right hand on Asia will supercharge the incoming administration’s policy to counter China.

Biden delivers remarks on presidential transition – 8.01

Familiar Faces Return to State and National Security Council as Biden Staffs Up With Obama Alums – FP, 8.01
One notable absence from Biden’s announcements: CIA director. By Robbie Gramer, Amy Mackinnon, Jack Detsch

State Department Office Sees Last-Minute Surge of New Evangelical Appointees – FP, 7.01
Graduates of a Christian college swell the ranks of State’s global criminal justice office, shifting the focus from war crimes to religious persecution. By Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer

Lawmakers, top officials & key power brokers examine the incoming “New Government” – WP, 6.01

  • The voters have had their say, and their elected leaders are assembling in Washington in January. There will be a new commander in chief, and the women and men of the 117th Congress will bring a new perspective on critical issues facing America. Washington Post Live will gather lawmakers, top officials from the new Biden administration and key power brokers in the nation’s capital to examine the incoming “New Government.”


An Unprecedented Presidential Transition – FP, 22.12
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden swiftly named his cabinet despite continued resistance from the defeated Donald Trump. Where he’ll go from here is another question. By Michael Hirsh

Biden Under Pressure to Deliver Diverse Cabinet – 21.12

  • President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks are beginning to work through the confirmation process in the Republican-controlled Senate as transition officials and Democrats press to avoid delays in putting key people in place amid the pandemic.

Progressives Try to Sway Biden on Top Foreign-Policy Jobs – FP, 18.12
A gaggle of progressive groups are trying to line up candidates for top foreign-policy roles in the incoming administration. By Jack Detsch

Blinken Is Good Enough – FP, 15.12
What it takes to make a truly great secretary of state—and why the United States may not need one now. By Aaron David Miller, Richard Sokolsky

Biden Sees the A-Team. I See the Blob – FP, 11.12
There’s plenty of reason to be skeptical of the president-elect’s national-security choices—but here’s hoping he proves history wrong.

Biden Defends Choice of Austin for Defense Secretary – FP, 9.12
Some lawmakers and many national security experts are wary of another general atop the Pentagon, but Lloyd Austin has the president-elect’s ear—and backing. By Jack Detsch

Report Sheds Light on How Biden’s Future NSC Chief Wants to Reshape U.S. Foreign Policy – FP, 7.12
Jake Sullivan spent several years working on a less ambitious approach to U.S. global interests that could disappoint both internationalists and progressives. By Edward Alden

Biden o va numi ca reprezentant pentru Comerț pe Katherine Tai, o avocată fără concesii față de China – 10.12

Biden unveils senior members of economic team – 1.12

Biden confirmă numirea lui Janet Yellen la șefia Trezoreriei / Cine sunt membrii Consiliului Economic – 30.11

Who are Biden’s top choices for the top health job? – 29.11

Joe Biden’s History-Making Communications Team Gets Reactions From Both Sides – 2.12

Biden announces all-female communications team, diverse economic team – 29.11

Biden Introduces Foreign Policy And National Security Nominees – 25.11

Biden makes first Cabinet picks of his administration – 24.11

Biden Has the Team Obama Always Wanted – FP, 24.11
The next U.S. administration will feature the most cohesive group of foreign-policy hands in at least a generation. By James Traub

Biden’s national security team ‘represents the diversity of America’ – 23.11

The secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting – Politico, 23.11
WestExec Advisors, which now looks like a government-in-waiting for the next administration, was founded in 2017.

What is Biden looking for in potential Cabinet members? – 20.11

The Biden Transition – All the new hires and plans in one place.

Who’s in the running for Biden’s cabinet? – WPost, 16.11

Kamala Harris

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is poised to break barriers on multiple fronts – 3.12

US Vice President Kamala Harris: A woman for America’s future – DW, 7.11

She Did It – The Atlantic, 7.11
Despite the barriers, despite the pain, Kamala Harris becomes the first woman, the first Asian American, and the first Black American to be elected vice president.

Kamala Harris versus Mike Pence – 8.10

Sen. Harris Gives First Speech As Biden’s Running Mate – 12.08

Choosing Kamala Harris Puts Identity at the Heart of Presidential Race – CH, 12.08
Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate will have a lasting impact on how Americans think about the presidential ticket, and confirms the violent killing of George Floyd unleashed a demand for racial equality that continues to have dramatic impact.

Who is Kamala Harris? – 11.08

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