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Biden Can Bounce Back From Afghanistan—by Vaccinating the World – FP, 10.09
My former boss has a rare opportunity to prove his critics wrong. By Jonah Blank, the former Policy Director for South and Southeast Asia on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Biden to Ship Millions of Vaccines to Africa – FP, 15.07
The United States will donate 25 million doses as African countries reel from a third wave of COVID-19. By Robbie Gramer

U.S. Blunts China’s Vaccine Diplomacy in Latin America – FP, 9.07
The Biden administration ships millions of vaccines to the region as its public health crisis worsens. By Robbie Gramer

The Shocking Enormity of Russia’s Botched Pandemic Response – 5.07
A massive third wave is spreading unchecked, anti-vaxxers are rampant, and the Kremlin’s vaccine diplomacy has failed. By Alexey Kovalev, an investigative editor at Meduza

Vaccines Are Japan’s New Tool to Counter China – FP, 23.07
Despite its worsening pandemic, Tokyo’s vaccine diplomacy has gained traction. By Samuel Ramani, a tutor of politics and international relations at the University of Oxford

At China’s Borders, “Vaccine Passports” Just Got Real – FP, 25.03
In announcing it would prioritize travelers who had received Chinese-made vaccines, Beijing sparked outrage in countries where those aren’t available. By Rajni George

Quad Summit’s Vaccine Deal Is Biden’s Bold First Move in Asia – FP, 12.03
It’s a smart step to counter China, but the next ones won’t be as easy. By Michael J. Green

India’s Vaccine Diplomacy Reaches Taiwan – FP, 20.04
As New Delhi and Taipei draw closer together, the map of the Asia-Pacific could change for good. By Harsh V. Pant, Premesha Saha

India’s Vaccine Diplomacy – FP, 22.01
The world’s pharmacy is looking to inoculations to build friendly ties around the world—and compete with China. By Harsh V. Pant, Aarshi Tirkey

Dodon și liderul transnistrean poartă discuții, la Moscova, pentru obținerea vaccinului Sputnik V – RFI, 1.04

Russia, China eye EU’s neighbors as new battleground for vaccine influence – Politico, 27.01
Ukraine flatly refuses to purchase Russia’s vaccine to deny Moscow potential security leverage, while Belarus relies entirely on Russian support.

Politica vaccinurilor: cu SUA sau cu China? Cu sau fără ”pașaport de vaccinare”? – RFI, 27.01


China and Russia using vaccines to expand political and economic influence – 2.12

Vaccin contre le Covid-19 : un enjeu sanitaire mais aussi diplomatique – 1.12

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