UE: Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

”Independența politică” și ”suveranitatea tehnologică”, priorități ale Franței la conducerea UE – rfi, 9.09

The Slow but Steady Strengthening of Europe’s Values – FP, 19.08
Democratic principles were largely irrelevant to the EU’s founding—but are at the center of the project today. By Caroline de Gruyter, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a Europe correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad

How ambassadors took over the EU – Politico, 24.06

Is Europe Any Good at Soft Power? – FP, 14.06
The increasingly aggressive authoritarianism of Belarus is an acute test of the EU’s diplomatic self-image. By Caroline de Gruyter, a Europe correspondent for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and a columnist at Foreign Policy

After the Pandemic, the EU Must Prove Its Worth – FP, 9.06
To revive the project, Europe’s leaders should reassert the union as a global power. By Susi Dennison, director of the European Power program at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Sfârșitul erei unanimității în Uniunea Europeană? – RFI, 9.06

Phoenix european: Cum a devenit UE mai puternică în pandemieLucian Lumezeanu, spotmedia, 17.05

Ziua Europei – Iohannis: Provocările nu diminuează, ci reconfirmă relevanţa proiectului european – 9.05

Towards a strategic agenda for the E3 – CH, 28.04
Opportunities and risks for France, Germany and the UK

The EU’s Next Big Problem Is Switzerland – FP, 22.04
Europe is facing its first post-Brexit test of how tough it should be with its close neighbors. By Caroline de Gruyter

Stabilitatea UE îi va încurca din nou pe criticii ei. În ciuda pandemiei, UE e într-o formă politică mai bună decât SUA sau Regatul Unit – FT, 12.04

Will the EU emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger or weaker? – ECFR, 11.03
After its mixed Covid response, the EU must now focus on really delivering what its citizens want. By Timothy Garton Ash

„Suveranitatea europeană”: ce promovează liderii și ce înțeleg europenii – RFI, 2.03


The Arab Spring Changed Everything—in Europe – FP, 24.12.20
A decade after Arabs started a regional revolution, it’s the neighboring continent that will never be the same. By Anchal Vohra

The crisis that made the European Union: European cohesion in the age of covid – ECFR, 15.12.20

Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe’s capacity to actMark Leonard, Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR, 1.12.20

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