Migrația în Europa: Afganii – doc

Comisia Europeană vrea o politică migratorie comună în fața amenințării din Afganistan, în ciuda împotrivirii multor țări reticente la cotele obligatorii de refugiați – 5.09

Migraţia afgană: Europa trebuie să se protejeze în faţa ”riscului terorist”, atenţionează directorul Frontex– 1.09

Afghanistan : après le retrait américain, l’UE redoute un afflux migratoire d’Afghans – france24, 31.08

  • Face à cette prise de pouvoir, l’Union européenne est inquiète. Elle redoute un important afflux migratoire d’Afghans.

Vin refugiaţii într-o Europă care se bate încă pentru definirea criteriilor – Cristian Unteanu, 29.08

Biden Sparked a Refugee Crisis. He Must Help Europe Bear the Cost – FP, 19.08
The chaotic U.S. withdrawal has already led thousands of Afghans to flee. Most will end up in European Union countries, and Washington should help pay for their resettlement and integration. By Elisabeth Braw, a columnist at Foreign Policy and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

The Coming Afghan Refugee Crisis Is Only a Preview – FP, 13.08
More desperate migrants will head West in coming years—and the West’s migration policies must change in response. By Anatol Lieven, a senior research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

Taliban gains trigger exodus from Afghanistan – DW News, 6.08

Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal Will Spark the Next Refugee Crisis – FP, 5.07
The European allies that fought alongside the United States will face the fallout as thousands of refugees flee the Taliban, giving fodder to far-right parties. By Elisabeth Braw

Will the End of the U.S. War Create More Afghan Refugees? – FP, 8.07
With the Taliban insurgency expanding, the U.S. withdrawal could provoke a major humanitarian crisis. By Michael Kugelman, the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly South Asia Brief

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