Avortul – doc

Administraţia Biden a dat în judecată statul Texas, în încercarea de a bloca interzicerea avorturilor – 10.09

Pedepsirea avortului în Mexic este neconstituțională, a hotărât Curtea Supremă – 8.09

What Happens When Women Can’t Get Legal Abortions – FP, 3.09
Examples from around the world show that restrictions can actually lead to more, not fewer, abortions. By Neha Wadekar, a Nairobi-based journalist

As Biden Reverses Global Gag Rule, Poland’s Protesters Vow to Fight On – FP, 29.01
The U.S. president pledges to undo the damage done by Trump to global women’s health. Critics say he needs to go further. By Audrey Wilson

Is Croatia going the way of Poland on reproductive rights? – DW, 26.12.20
In Croatia, lawmakers and activists have been debating abortion legislation for three decades. The church, conservative politicians and pro-life activists now want to see rules tightened as they have been in Poland.

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