Australia: Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

Lowy Institute: Dramatic Collapse in China Sentiment – Bloomberg, 23.06

China anunță întreruperea pe termen nedefinit a ”dialogului economic” cu Australia – RFI, 6.05

Australia Draws A Line on China – FP, 4.05
Canberra’s had enough of trade embargoes and Chinese grievances—and is ready to draw a line. – By Keith Johnson, a senior staff writer at Foreign Policy, and Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy’s Pentagon and national security reporter.

Will Australia’s New Defense Minister Play Bad Cop to China? – FP, 6.04
Peter Dutton stopped the refugee boats. His next job is stopping Beijing’s maritime militia. By Salvatore Babones

Mii de oameni au protestat faţă de „Ziua Australiei”, o sărbătoare care provoacă discordie – 25.01


What is behind Australia-China tensions? – BBC, 2.12

Australia’s trade rift with China deepens as country emerges from recession – 2.12

Why has the Australia-China relationship turned sour? – Al Jazeera, 29.11

  • Ties between Australia and China are unravelling fast. Beijing has imposed a tariff of up to 212 percent on Australian wine, the latest in an escalating dispute. China says it’s a measure against dumping to protect its own wine industry. But Australia believes the reason’s political. The government in Canberra has criticised China’s handling of COVID-19, as well as human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Is there room to repair the relationship?

What’s behind the growing trade dispute between China and Australia – DW, 27.11

  • Relations between China and Australia have been deteriorating recently, now tensions are about to reach a next level. Starting Saturday, Beijing will impose tariffs up to 200 percent on Australian wine imports – claiming Shiraz, Chardonnay and others have been illegaly subsidized by the government. Australian producers are appalled – no-where do they sell nearly as much as in China.

China transmite un mesaj prin politica dură față de Australia. Presiunea Beijingului ne permite să întrezărim foia de parcurs spre o ordine mai iliberală, într-un posibil viitor dominat de Beijing – FT, 26.11

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