Balcani: Dinamici, Tendințe – doc

Biden’s Balkans Test Has Arrived – FP, 12.06
The U.S. president has taken a step toward getting tough on Serbia—but can he see the policy through? By Edward P. Joseph

What the UK and the EU can do together in the Balkans – Politico, 9.06
A strategy to counter Russian and Chinese influence, the revival of nationalism and the risk of conflict is long overdue. by Arminka Helić is a member of the British House of Lords and served as special adviser to Foreign Secretary William Hague from 2010 to 2014.

Bosnia Herțegovina: Condamnarea lui Ratko Mladic îi înfurie pe liderii politici din Republica Srpska – RFI, 15.06

Bosnia Is Heading Toward Another Meltdown – FP, 1.06
EU and U.S. neglect is allowing Russia to fan ethnic flames. By Tanya L. Domi, an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, and Ivana Stradner, a Jeane Kirkpatrick fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Refugees in Bosnia: EU offers aid while criticising government’s handling of crisis – euronews, 4.01

Erdogan’s grip on the Balkans – CH, 2.04

Generalul-locotenent Daniel Petrescu – la Conferinţa şefilor Apărării din Balcani – 8.06

MAE: Credem că proiectul european va fi cu adevărat împlinit doar după aderarea statelor din Balcanii de Vest – 30.04

Geoană: The future of the Western Balkans lies with the Euro-Atlantic community – 11.02

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