Agenda SUA/UE-Rusia: Nord Stream – doc

Sanctions Won’t Stop Nord Stream 2. Diplomacy Will – FP, 9.04
Quiet negotiations with Berlin can do what economic coercion can’t. By Edward Fishman

Biden Must Follow the Law and Sanction Nord Stream Now – FP, 29.03
Why has the administration been so half-hearted on a malign Russian influence project? By Michael McCaul, Jim Risch

Şeful diplomaţiei germane: Stoparea Nord Stream 2 produce schimbări geopolitice – DW, 22.03

Nord Stream 2: Washington cere entităților implicate să se dezangajeze imediat și amenință cu noi sancțiuni – RFI, 19.03

Russian Pipeline Project Tests Biden’s Relations With Russia, Germany—and Congress – FP, 22.02
Torn between mending ties with Germany or Republicans in Congress, the Biden administration takes a softer line on Nord Stream 2 than some lawmakers expected. By Robbie Gramer, Amy Mackinnon

Nord Stream 2 resumes: Gas pipeline defies US sanctions, set to finish construction – 4.12

Why Joe Biden opposes the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline – DW, 21.11

Statele Unite au inclus sancţiunile împotriva Rusiei legate de gazoductul Nord Stream 2 în proiectul de lege anual privind politica de apărare – 12.11

The U.S. Is Close to Killing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline – FP, 6.07
But it’s a race between slow construction and slower sanctions. By Amy Mackinnon

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