Noul Normal în Economic – doc

lumea după pandemia COVID-19: ce “nu va mai fi la fel” – în Economic

COVID-19 Made Sustainable Investments Go Viral – FP, 31.03
The pandemic has proved the viability of ESG metrics, and the business world may be changed for good. By Michael Moran

How Japan can build a sustainable future post-COVID-19 – WEF, 18.01

The Pandemic Remade the Chinese Economy – FP, 4.01
Other countries should prepare now for their own reformations. By Edoardo Campanella


The New Economic Context | Jobs Reset Summit 2020 – 21.11

  • The economic earthquake caused by COVID-19 is having a profound impact on the trajectory of the global economy. What is the outlook for economic growth, revival and transformation?

Outcomes: Economic Growth, Revival and Transformation | Jobs Reset Summit 2020 – WEF, 13.11

Capitalism After the Pandemic – Mariana Mazzucato, 11.20
Getting the Recovery Right

Can COVID-19 Change the Welfare State? – FA, 30.10
Without Government Support, Communities Take Charge of Their Own Care

How to minimize the impact of the coronavirus on the economy – Politico, 29.10.20
POLITICO asks six experts what governments can do to mitigate the economic fallout from the virus.

Emerging Stronger From the Great Lockdown – FP, 9.09.20

Analiză Banca Transilvania: COVID-19, un şoc pentru economia mondială, care deschide tranziţia spre un nou ciclu economic – 18.07.20

This Is What the Future of Globalization Will Look Like – FP, 4.07.20

  • The pandemic proved, once and for all, that the world can’t be flat. But global trade can recover—if we rewrite the rules. By Henry Farrell, Abraham Newman

Europe After Coronavirus: The EU and a New Political Economy – CH, 8.06.20

Innovate for the new normal – ITweb Africa, 11.05.20

  • This is going to become the new normal even after the threat of COVID-19 infections has passed, says Richard Firth, CEO of MIP Holdings. “The world of work will change forever. The epidemic has pushed fast forward on the digital worker. The maturing of tools has allowed companies to manage their people from home, and by and large, the major networks have held up. We have finally entered an era where the average employee will swap petrol for data, tar for fibre, roads for networks and buildings for clouds,” he says.

Șeful eMAG spune că lucrul de acasă va deveni ceva obișnuit: S-ar putea ajunge ca doar 30-50% dintre angajații companiei să lucreze de la birou când lucrurile revin la normal – 30.04.20

Nicu Ștefănuță, europarlamentar USR: Unele industrii trebuie relocalizate, nu e protecționism, e strategie – 29.04.20

How the Economy Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic – Foreign Policy, 15.04.20

A Proven Economic Path to Recovery – City Journal, 19.03.20

  • America’s past crises show that a free-market policy is the best way forward.

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