Agenda post-Brexit: Scoția – doc

Agenda post-Brexit: Marea Britanie – doc

Scottish Activists Want a Quiet, Safe, Progressive Independence – FP, 31.03
The new country would scurry to join NATO and the EU. By Lindsey Kennedy, Nathan Paul Southern

An Independent Scotland Would Bring No Surprises for Allies – FP, 16.03
Scotland is in a great position to be a good global citizen. By Alyn Smith, Stewart McDonald

Scotland needs Erasmus, not Britain’s poor replacement – Politico, 29.01
Scotland was instrumental in setting up Erasmus and leaving it lets down young people.


Can Scotland become independent? – Al Jazeera, 26.12

  • The First Minister tweeted that what is happening is ‘against Scotland’s will’. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, 62 percent of voters in Scotland opted to remain in the European Union. Since then, calls for independence have grown. But will an independent Scotland be allowed to join the EU?

Scotland’s Pro-Independence Leaders Fret for U.S. Democracy – FP, 4.11
For the Scottish National Party, Trump is an easy target—and a way to bash Brexiteers at home. By David Leask

How Russia Is Prodding Scotland Toward Independence – FP, 18.02
To justify its breakup of Ukraine, the Kremlin seeks to embarrass the U.K. and other major NATO allies. But the Scottish National Party wants nothing to do with Putin. By David Leask

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