Islamul în Europa – doc

Problema terorismului islamist în Europa – doc

Populația de religie musulmană reprezintă în jur de 6,5% din populaţia Germaniei – 29.04

Executivul francez în dezacord cu modul de întrebuinţare a termenului „islamofobie” – RFI, 30.03

Polemică: oraşul Strasbourg finanţează proiectul controversat de construire a celei mai mari moschei din Europa – RFI, 25.03

Why Has France’s Islamist Separatism Bill Caused Such Controversy? – FP, 23.02
While the French far-right believes the bill could do more to fight extremism, the country’s Muslim population feels the legislation is unfairly targeting their community. By Cailey Griffin

Președintele Franței anunță o lege împotriva separatiștilor islamici: „Există un islamism radical care conduce la negarea Republicii” – 2.10.20

Defining Islamophobia Is the First Step Toward Addressing It – FP, 29.01
In the United Kingdom, Islamophobia is on the rise, but existing anti-racist measures are not equipped to deal with it. By Mohammad Zaheer


Why Reforming Islam to Fight Violent Extremism is a Bad Idea – CH, 24.11

Yes, Islam Is Facing a Crisis. No, France Isn’t Helping Solve It – FP, 20.11
By championing freedom from religion while trampling freedom of religion, Macron is discrediting the Enlightenment in the eyes of Muslims—and strengthening the Islamists he vows to defeat. By Mustafa Akyol

European Muslims are already European – H.A. Hellyer, 20.11
Top-down efforts to train the Continent’s imams will only make things worse.

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