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IdeaFactory: A Survivor’s Guide to a Post-Truth World – OECD

Clubhouse și autoritarismul. De ce se tem monarhiile din Golf – Raul Pintilie, 27.02

Australia: Google și Facebook obligate prin lege să plătească pentru conținutul mass-media – 25.02

Why Facebook Is Right to Pull the Plug on Australia – FP, 20.02
This isn’t about regulating Big Tech. It’s about fleecing foreigners for news that Australians no longer want to pay for. By Salvatore Babones

Patronii Facebook, Google şi Twitter au fost chemaţi în faţa Congresului SUA. Vor da socoteală pentru minciunile legate de vaccinuri şi fraude electorale – 19.02

Puterea de care dispun rețelele de socializare, criticată în Parlamentul European / Acestea trebuie reglementate pentru a apăra democrația, spun eurodeputații – 11.02

An Outbreak of Unapproved Fun Trashes Chinese Propagandist Hu Xijin – FP, 10.02
Just-banned app Clubhouse offered a rare chance to mess around freely online. By Brendan O’Kane

TikTok is the latest target in Italy’s crusade against Big Tech – Politico, 1.02

Cum ne-au acaparat giganții tech viețile și ne influențează deciziile – Alexandru Gugoașă, PressOne, 27.01

Taking Trump Down Has Exposed Social Media’s Inherent Contradictions – FP, 26.01
Capitalism is making decisions that democracy should.

Big tech: From Trump’s best friend to censorship machine? – EUObserver, 21.01

The Internet is a Crime Scene – FP, 20.01
How we conceptualize the role social media played in the Capitol siege will set the stage for information governance across the globe. By Joan Donovan, Gabrielle Lim

How to Counter White Supremacist Extremists Online – FP, 27.01
To stop future attacks like the Capitol invasion, the Biden administration must lead the way in pushing social media platforms to counter the far-right. By Bharath Ganesh

Expert: Social media to extremism is like oxygen to fire – 19.01

  • CNN’s Sara Sidner reports on the use of social media by far-right extremists as experts fear the attack on the US Capitol may just be the beginning.

Turcia: Noua lege pentru controlarea social media produce efecte, Facebook anunță că își va numi un reprezentant local la Ankara – 18.01

The deplatforming phenomenon – 18.01

  • In this edition, we look more closely at the digital insurrection that has occurred in the last few days, as several companies decided to ban the US president from their platforms because of comments igniting hate. Did it infringe on free speech or was it a legitimate move? Regardless of one’s opinion, it marks a turning point for digital speech and a power shift towards Silicon Valley tech giants.

Big Tech’s Big Challenge – 18.01
Twitter and Facebook have set a precedent in removing Trump from their platforms—but can they apply the same principle globally? By Salil Tripathi

Jan. 6 Changed Tech Forever – FP, 15.01
Silencing @realDonaldTrump was the easy part. Now the hard work begin. By Bhaskar Chakravorti

Boom in private companies offering disinformation-for-hire – FT, 14.01Oxford researchers find contractors employed to manipulate opinion in 48 countries

Report: “Epidemic of misinformation” is eroding trust in institutions – 13.01

  • A new report warns that an “epidemic of misinformation” is eroding people’s trust in institutions. The Edelman Trust Barometer found widespread distrust of journalists, business leaders and government officials around the world.

Has Trump, tech and TV throttled press freedom? – Reuters, 13.01

  • President Trump emboldened other leaders to quash press freedom, his message amplified by tech platforms and a mainstream media which did not know how to respond, three leading journalists and campaigners said at the #ReutersNext conference.

Telegram tries, and fails, to remove extremist content – Politico, 13.01

Trump’s social media ban reignites fight over how to police online content – Politico, 12.01
Europe has spent years figuring out how to curb harmful content, offering lessons to others on what works and what doesn’t.

Freedom of expression between ethics and media ecologyLuca De Biase, OECD Forum, 11.02

Free speech row: Germany and France oppose Trump’s social media ban – 11.01

Tech Faces Backlash With Trump Twitter Ban, Parler Offline – 11.01

Law unto themselves? Social media block Trump amid calls to regulate Big Tech – 11.01

  • Two elections too late? Twitter permanently banning Donald Trump’s account, Facebook suspending it through Inauguration Day, and other social media jumping on the bandwagon of curbing false claims of a stolen election. For four years, the US president has been spreading disinformation from the Oval Office.

UE pregătește noi reglementări ale platformelor sociale după reacția acestora la revoltele din SUA – CdG, 11.01

Thierry Breton: Capitol Hill — the 9/11 moment of social media – 9.01
The Capitol Hill riot exposes the fragility of our democracies — and the threat underregulated tech companies can pose to their survival.

Can Regulation Douse Populism’s Online Fires? – FP, 8.01
Social media’s manufactured hate needs solutions beyond censorship. By Nikhil Pahwa

For Facebook, It’s All About the Bottom Line – Fp, 8.01
Mark Zuckerberg’s commitment to free speech always concealed corporate interests first. By Dipayan Ghosh

Power of big tech will remain a thorn in media’s side in 2021 – Irish Times, 5.01
Covid-19 crisis has opened the industry’s eyes, but old problems haven’t gone away

How to Save Democracy From Technology – FA, 1-2.21
Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly. By Francis Fukuyama, Barak Richman, and Ashish Goel


7 Reasons Why Silicon Valley Will Have a Tough Time With the Biden Administration – FP, 28.12
The coziness between Washington and Big Tech is over. By Vivek Wadhwa, Tarun Wadhwa

Tech Giants Are Giving China a Vital Edge in Espionage – FP, 18.12
U.S. officials say private Chinese firms have been enlisted to process stolen data for their country’s spy agencies.

How Should Democracies Confront China’s Digital Rise? Weighing the Merits of a T-10 Alliance – CFR, 30.11
Democracies should ask themselves whether forming yet another elite club of wealthy states represents the best means to counter China’s and fellow authoritarians’ digital rise.

Uniting the Techno-Democracies – FA, 11-12.20
How to Build Digital Cooperation. By Jared Cohen and Richard Fontaine

Fukuyama, despre impactul social media asupra democraţiei: efectele subtile ale subminării alegerilor raţionale conştiente – Iulian Chifu, 27.11.20

Your Digital Footprint Is Worryingly Easy to Match to Reality – FP, 12.20
Here’s how to stop bleeding information about yourself online. By Natalia Antonova

To Stop Fake News, Online Journalism Needs a Global Watchdog – FP, 6.11.19
Without regulations that push search engines and social media companies to prioritize reliable and truthful sources of information, propaganda and censored content will dominate digital platforms.

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