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Why Chile’s New Constitution Is a Feminist Victory – FP, 15.02
Activists built on years of organizing to achieve a groundbreaking gender-parity requirement in the upcoming drafting process. By Charis McGowan

How 3 Women Broke Into the Uber-Macho World of War Reporting – FP, 21.02
“You Don’t Belong Here” tells the story of three trailblazers who cleared the way for generations of female journalists after them. By Janine di Giovanni

The Women Who Helped Topple the Caliphate – FP, 15.02
“The Daughters of Kobani” chronicles the female Kurdish fighters who battled terrorists, fought for equality, and then got stabbed in the back. By Elise Labott

Prestigiosul Colegiu Winchester din Marea Britanie va admite fete pentru prima dată de la înfiinţarea sa, în 1382 / Taxele de şcolarizare se ridică la aproape 42.000 de lire sterline pe an – 10.02

There Will Be Another Pandemic. Women Can Stop It – FP, 2.02
From the household to the national stage, women play crucial roles in global health systems. Governments should adopt inclusive strategies before another crisis strikes. By Lois Quam, Rachel Vogelstein

As Biden Reverses Global Gag Rule, Poland’s Protesters Vow to Fight On – FP, 29.01
The U.S. president pledges to undo the damage done by Trump to global women’s health. Critics say he needs to go further. By Audrey Wilson

Interdicția privind avortul intră în vigoare în Polonia. Greva femeilor: Vă vom pregăti noi un infern – 27.01

After a Century of Lobbying, Women Are Finally Getting Top Jobs in Washington – FP, 20.01
Instead of talking about “binders full of women,” the new president has appointed several key female leaders in the national security agencies—but the U.S. government is still a long way from gender parity. By Rebecca C. Turkington

It Takes More Than a Diverse Cabinet to Advance a Feminist Foreign Policy – FP, 20.01
The Biden administration must move beyond superficial inclusion and actively promote gender equality globally while seeking to reverse the harm done in the name of forever wars. By Toni Haastrup, Paul Kirby


Covid-19 Dealt a Blow to Working Women. Can We Emerge Stronger? – NY Times, 12.20

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