Agenda Energiei: Tranziția Verde – doc

Is Germany Making Too Much Renewable Energy? – 10.02
The energy transition of Europe’s biggest economy is running up against questions with no easy answers. By Paul Hockenos


G20 Endorses a Circular Carbon Economy: But Do We Need It? – CH, 27.11

How Europe can make climate neutrality a reality – ECFR, 26.11
With the election of Joe Biden following on the heels of the European Green Deal, the sands are finally shifting – in favour of successful global action to halt the warming of the planet

Decarbonising Heavy Industries | Race to Zero Dialogues – WEF, 22.11

Building a Path to Net-Zero Aviation | Race to Zero Dialogues 2020 – WEF, 15.11

Beyond the Green Horizon – Realizing the Transition | Green Horizon Summit 2020 – WEF, 11.11

  • In the past 18 months, net zero has become the rallying cry for the investors, corporates, and governments driving the sustainable finance agenda. Frameworks to deliver net zero commitments are emerging, particularly for finance. But ahead of COP26, firms need to act. Practitioners face several related challenges. How should firms develop concrete and investable transition plans? What is the best way to navigate shifting standards and the rapid expansion of ESG data? How can investors align their portfolios with the transition? How can firms equip themselves with the skills needed to navigate the new world? And how are corporates, advisors and investors working to make the transition a reality?

The Road Ahead | Green Horizon Summit 2020 – WEF, 10.11

  • COP26 has been delayed by a year but the need for immediate action on climate remains. The summit in Glasgow is an opportunity to showcase action undertaken, not negotiate its parameters. It is necessary to be clear not just on commitments, but on how to deliver against them in terms of investments and capital allocation.

Nature and Net Zero | Green Horizon Summit 2020 – WEF, 10.11

The Cartography of Post-COVID-19 Green Growth | Green Horizon Summit 2020 – WEF, 10.11

  • The world needs to chart a course for green and resilient growth. With environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments already outperforming in the downturn, private finance has a key role to play in supporting the recovery and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future. How can policy-makers and financiers work together to create green jobs and support the return to growth?

Framework for Financing a Whole-of-Economy Transition | Green Horizon Summit 2020 – WEF, 9.11

  • Achieving a net-zero economy requires a whole economy transition. Every company, bank, insurer and investor must develop credible plans for the transition and implement them. Mainstream private finance will play an important role in helping the economy realign for net zero. To do so means creating a framework for sustainable finance so that the financial sector can allocate capital to manage risks and seize opportunities.

Vot istoric în Parlamentul European: Eurodeputații au adoptat obiectivul ambițios de reducere cu 60% a emisiilor de CO2 până în 2030 – 7.10.20

  • Obiectivul aprobat de PE este mai ambiţios decât reducerea netă a emisiilor cu „cel puţin 55%” până în 2030 propusă de Comisia Europeană, care vrea ca nivelul obiectivului să fie stabilit până la sfârşitul anului. Actualul obiectiv al UE pentru 2030 este o reducere a emisiilor cu 40%.
  • Pentru a face asta, Parlamentul va trebui să cadă de acord asupra ţintei cu statele membre ale UE, care sunt divizate în legătură cu cât de ambiţios ar trebui să fie obiectivul.

Cum au votat românii – 7.10.20

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