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Why Are Republican Presidents So Bad for the Economy? – NY Times, 2.02
G.D.P., jobs and other indicators have all risen faster under Democrats for nearly the past century.

Vaccines are a public good, not a corporate product – Politico, 28.01
Europe should focus on acquiring patents and production licenses, not just vaccines. – Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, was prime minister of Greece from 2015 to 2019.


Efectul COVID asupra economiei: În Geneva super-bogaților se instituie salariul minim garantat: 3.600 de euro – 6.10.20

Pentru a salva Occidentul şi generaţia millennials trebuie taxat capitalismul rentier, financiar şi imobiliar. Iar pensionarii trebuie să plătească factura pentru tineri – ZF, 14.08.20

Europe After Coronavirus: The EU and a New Political Economy – CH, 8.06.20

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